Sunday, August 1, 2010

Resting in Pana.........

This morning I as literally jolted out of bed by an earthquake. The news said it was a 4.1 but I thought it was stronger than that.

I hopped a bus and went to Santa Cruz for worship and then headed to Panajachel where I have reservations for two nights. Kemmel asked me if I was going to stay at one of my regular places but I decide to try a new one . It is called Los Encuentros and it is a small place with five rooms.

After you cross over the bridge in Pana, this store shows how high the river got during Agatha. It fell back and almost got washed down the river. In the background is one of the three volcanoes.

This is the outside of my room and I love it. Yes, I spent most of my time in the hammock on the porch.

Richard has a lot of herbs in the garden. They are all marked and it is kept very nice.

The hotel is very quiet. It is not in the main part of Pana so it is very quiet and peaceful..........except the chickens and roosters want you to know they live near the hotel. It takes about 15 minutes to talk to town or you can grab a tuk-tuk.

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