Monday, August 23, 2010

Clinic in Lemoa

The weekend was a good and uneventul one.

I went to Quiche yesterday and was suppose to meet Magda for dinner and then we were to go to worship together. When she was not at her house, I thought something odd was going on. She is always there when she expects me and because of her recent falls, I was nervous. I went on to the worship service and about 15 minutes before it was to end, I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was Magda sitting behind me!

Now this is a first for her and I am encouraged that she came on her own. We left together and I walked her home. I told her how concerned I was about her and she said her niece had come from The City and that it was not a good visit. I do not ask a lot of questions when it comes to family matters. I had a cup of coffee with her before I took a bus back to Chichi. As I said, I am encouraged that she came because this is a big step for her.

We had a busy clinic in Lemoa today with 23 medical patients and 3 for dental cleaning. When we left, the truck battery was dead so Manuel and I jumped off the truck.

Tomorrow will be a day to work on the educational material that will be presented to ABC families on nutrition. I am anxious to get it finished and be able to present it.

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