Tuesday, December 12, 2017

ABC Celebration in Mactzul III

This time of year is busy. We are in the process of wrapping-up, closing clinics for the holidays and celebrating with the communities that have the ABC Program.

Today, Cesar and I headed out to Mactzul III for their celebration.

As soon as we had finished lunch, we started the program for the afternoon.  Everyone was welcomed and we had a short devotional time together.

Marleny has been my ABC Child for several years and she is doing fantastic work.  She is the primary teacher for the children in the congregation.  She will enter 3rd basico next year and loves to study.  Here, one of her students quotes a memory verse from the Bible.

These two girls also had memorized verses to quote for us.

Then it was time to hear a little singing from the children.  Each of these young boys led a song and we all chimed in.

Then it was time for some activity.  These two guys would blow up balloons and  then take it over to their team member................

and then attempt to pop the balloon.  Cesar was recruited for this activity and they popped the most balloons.

There were two in the congregation that were award gifts for their grades and participation in the ABC Program.

Marleny also was awarded a prize.  I have very smart ABC Children  :)

Then they played a game called "The King Asks For......."  So, the king would ask for something and the three children would race to find it and then race back to give it to the king.  Here, the king had asked for a shoe lace, so this boy quickly removes his to win a point.

This is a banner that explains what ABC means and these are the ABC Children in Mactzul III.

Here is a photo of all of the children and their parents.

It was a fun day in Mactzul III and we hope that everyone enjoys their holidays and then returns to their classes to study.  The ABC Program is a great blessing for the children in this area.  During the afternoon, several times the congregation thanked those that support the ABC Program and those that are able to come to Guatemala and visit the children that they sponsor.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Time to Take the Babies!

Time has flown again...............and the babies and some adults came to clinic to prepare for their surgery in February.

This is Santiago that had his first surgery in August 2016.  This first photo is of Santiago and his family when he was only four months old.

Then he was old enough for surgery and was sponsored by Frank and Evelyn.

Santiago and his mom returned today to prepare for his palate surgery.  How exciting it is to follow the baby/ child through the course of events.  Thank you Frank and Evelyn!

Last year, Brayon came to us to have his lip and palate repaired but he was a little underweight.

Today his parents brought him back and he was grown enough to now have his surgery.  He is nineteen months old and weighs twenty-one pounds.

Alice will sponsor Brayon's surgery in February.  Thank you Alice!

This is Nelson and he is one year old.  He will have his lip surgery in February weighs twelve pounds.

His parents are very excited about going to Montellano with us.  They are thankful that Beverly and Doris from NC will sponsor his surgery.  Thank you, Beverly and Doris

This little guys is Dilon.  He is six months old and weighs fourteen pounds.  He is spunky and will be loved by the nurses!

Ana, who is almost 7 years-old will be sponsoring Dilon's surgery. She has seen photos and has heard about the surgeries so she wants to help a child.  Thank you, Ava!

On January 8th the babies will return to clinic with their lab results and if all is well, we will head down to Montellano on the 10th of February.  It will be an exciting week and I will be posting photos and stories of the babies during the week.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Busting Clinic in Chichi

When we arrived in Chichi, patients were waiting in the street!  The inside of the building was standing-room only and was overflowing.  The patients helped us carry our equipment and we quickly set up clinic.  It was our last clinic of the year in Chichi, so that may have impacted our number of patients

The morning moved quickly.  The majority of our patients were diabetics.  One lady has started seeing us every two weeks and when she started, her blood sugar was 440 and she has bad cataracts.  For the last three clinics she has been very controlled.  If she continues as she is now, we will see about having her surgery in ASELSI early next year. She has gained several pounds and is doing much better.

Dental was also very busy in the morning.  Andrea did all of the extractions and then in the afternoon, planned for exams and fillings.

I called Sandra, who use to be my ABC Daughter and she met us for lunch.  As we were walking to the restaurant, she introduced me to someone that she wanted to come to clinic.  We talked for a few minutes and I invited him to come and see us in the afternoon.

After lunch, we headed back and this young man was waiting for us.  We talked for 30 minutes and he is in a very bad situation.  He is about 25 years-old with two young children.  His first wife died two years ago and he prayed for a Christian woman who would love his children as he does.  He then remarried but it has been stressful for him. The children remind him of his first wife. He also loves his current wife and wants to be a good husband.  In the process, it sounds like he started having  seizure activity.  He is going to bring all of his medical papers with him to the first clinic in January so I will have a better understanding of what exams were done what the hospital told him.

As he left, he gave me a bag that he made.  When patients bring gifts, it is very special.  Sometimes it is fruit, vegetables or something that they make.

Tomas' son, Everealdo came to see us today and say, "Hola"  He has grown so fast and is doing well.  He originally wanted to be a chef but now is thinking about being a mechanic.  Either way, we wish the best for him in his studies.  He is in the ABC program and is sponsored by my friend, Teresa.

Tomorrow, we will be in Mactzul I.  It will be the last clinic of the year there and I hope that we have several patients..................another adventure!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Busting Clinic in Lemoa

It was good to have everyone in Caris today!  I do not think anyone was running on 100% energy.  Many have had bad colds, sick children, church activities and extra ABC Activities. It is the end of the year so we are finishing up things and Kemmel is preparing the calendar for 2018. We will hit the ground running in January!

I had mentioned Miguel last week, a patient what we saw in Chichi on Thurday.  He came to see Noe, the physical therapist.  Noe told me that they were going to work on some exercises that may increase his upper thigh strength.  He agreed, that there was nothing left in the lower legs but maybe some upper leg exercises would help  We are both very sad over the situation of this young man.

I talked to Nancy’s dad today.  She remains in Xela and received hemodialysis five times a week.  The father continues to want to donate a kidney. I have asked him several times if he has talked to the doctors about this yet.  He has told me that he has not and I encouraged him to do so.  It is hard not being there and only having phone conversations but someone must have mentioned it to him for him to remember it. He says that Nancy is some better and is less swollen.  She has been in Xela for almost two weeks. The dad has stayed at the hospital while the mother is home with the other children.

We had several diabetic patients today.  One man had a blood sugar of 501.  He has lost a lot of weight and has been taking natural medicine.  We started some different medicine today, talked about the diet and how to change a few other things and he will return on the 11th of December. His son, has also lost a lot of weight over 6 months had a blood sugar of 153.  It was not a fasting blood sugar so we talked about diet and exercise and will see how he is on the day that his dad returns.

Tomorrow, I  have clinic in Mactzul I with Teresa and Emilio………we will have a good day!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Day With My Guide and Scout

This morning, I met Tomas and Enrique at the Dunhams and then we took off for Xepol. When we started up the highway, we noticed that many vehicles were turning around. Tomas jumped out of the truck to run ahead to see what was happening.  As we approached the area, we could see that a trailer had gone off the road and tipped into the ditch.  It had been carrying construction material and now they would have to come up with a different plan for delivery.

Enrique told us that he knew of another way to get to Xepol but it was not the best road.  Tomas and I said that we trusted Enrique, Our Guide and we were game to try it!

We drove back to Hotel Casa del Rey and went up, down and then back tracked.  We knew that we were on the right road now because ALL of the other traffic had decided to do the same as us. We talked about how lucky that there had not been any rain or we all would be in mud by now.

We continued until we reached an area where there was congestion in the road.  Once again, Tomas Our Scout jumped out and ran down the road to see what he could see.  Apparently, a bus had lost it's breaks and had run off the road but did not clear the road, to allow others to pass.

Two guys were near the truck as we waited and they told us of another short-cut to the highway.  At this point, what did we have to lose? So, with my Guide Enrique and Scout Tomas.............we were on another adventure!

We finally arrived in Xepol and Tomas was waiting for us.  We had called to let him know that we were running a little late :)  We set up and saw patients.  I needed to make some calls concerning other patients and I was able to do that.  We have had some patients with eye surgeries so Rita in Antigua helped me with some of those questions.  We also have a young man who needs nasal surgery and was able to confirm that.

It was another day of adventure but we are safe and were able to accomplish some good things.  Siempre, Gracias a Dios.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Another Coffee Mug!

Yesterday, I when I returned from Quiche, I had lunch with Sandra in Chichi.  She use to be my ABC Daughter.  She continues to live and work in Chichi and has recently changed jobs.  She studies on Saturdays in Santa Cruz del Quiche.  I am thankful that I am still able to see her and spend time together. She is a real special person.

In a few short weeks, I will be in NC and spending about three weeks there. My goal during this time is to finish going through the last few boxes at my parent's house and to discard things that I no longer need or have a purpose for.  The things that I really want to get are my coffee mugs.  

As I was thinking about them, I found this one that I really like.

So, it found it's way into my back pack.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday Thoughts From Quiche

When I entered worship with the Quiche congregation, the first song we sang would bring you to your knees. It is a simple song but the words are powerful if you let them enter your heart.......loosely translated.

Your faithfulness is great and incomparable.
Nothing can be compared to your faithfulness for me.
Great is your faithfulness.

Your love for me is great and incomparable.
Nothing can be compared to your love for me.
Great is your love for me.

Over the last few weeks there have been struggles, some personal and some with patients.  Some days have just been hard.  We have had patients who are very sick. We have had diabetics who are out of control and one young girl with severe kidney failure. I have had a few friends lose their parents and one friend in a coma.  We are getting to enter the holidays but it is a sad time for many people.

There are times that you just need to shut the world off and spend time alone with God.  It is only in these moments that your soul can be recharged.  Your mind can be calmed knowing that God remains on his throne and all is under his control.  Then you pray that during the week to come, that you had everything to him and trust in his faithfulness and love.