Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sorry for no blogs :(

Just a quick note since I have not blogged for a few days. My computer crashed so I have been mourning :( I found someone that might, again I say might, be able to fix it so we will see.

I hope everyone is fine. Everything is going good here........take care........

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Clinic in Chuchipaca

Well, we were thankful the rain started after we left clinic today. It rained hard and the road to the church building was already very muddy but we had a very good clinic. We had 19 patients today and we had some patients return for follow-up. I always find this is encouraging when patients return.

First, we had a lady return for her pap result and we were very excited to tell her it was normal. She does not have to return for a year unless she has problems so we hope not to see her :)

If you remember on July 5th, even though it was posted on July 6th, we had a young lady visit the clinic with two small children whose husband had died 4 months before. I had asked her to return just to see how she was doing and try to be supportive in anyway that we could. She returned today and we talked some with Gaspar. She told us that she is feeling some better, her children are doing ok and she is now living with her parents. We prayed with her and encouraged her spiritually.

Tomasa called me this afternoon so I am going to try and find her tomorrow afternoon and she will attend the worship service with me tomorrow in Santa Cruz. I am very excited about this and if she would like, we can later attend the service in Chichi where more K'iche' is spoken.

Home for the evening to chill........and tomorrow hopefully get caught up on some laundry......

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Clinic in Lemoa

We all met at Lemoa today for our clinic. Josefina and her team joined us. It was a good clinic of 15 patients even though we did not have any power. Marcos was not able to do fillings, only extractions. We were told that we would be without power for most of the day.

After most of the patients had left, Josefina asked me if I had my camera.......sure! I went outside with her and Marcos was blowing up balloons and playing with the kids. They decided that they did not like me very much even though I had a camara, so Josefina posed for me!

The little boys were still a little hesitant but then Marcos helped out!
And how tall can you stack balloons???
It was a good day. I went home and spent the rest of the day cleaning.

Clinic in Mactzul V

I met the guys early this morning and we loaded the truck. We only had 9 patients in Mactzul V but it was a good day. It was very unusual for just Gaspar, Juan and I to be at a clinic somewhat alone. We have been use to a group, the Sizemore family or students being with us. It is back to being the only female at the lunch table with 7 men.......but that is the culture :)

Please continue to pray for Pedro and his wife. They are the couple that lost a young son a few months ago and it has really been hard on them, especially the wife. She is very sad and depressed, not wanting to eat and does not have any energy.

As we were packing up the men from the church needed to go to a small store to buy something for their water hose. I offered to take the in the truck so that was a fun adventure. The church is always opening their doors to us so when we can help them in a small way, it is good.

I drove the guys closer to their homes and we plan on meeting at Clinica Ezell in the morning.

More updates

On Tuesday, I told you about Irma. She is the second girl on the left watching Julie talk to her monkey friend. When I arrived back to Santa Cruz, I received a call saying that her family did not have the money for surgery. My aunt Linda offered to help this young girl. Thank you Linda! Please remember that Irma is very shy but I will try and get another photo of her.
Some of you may remember this young girl, Margarita, that had her palate repaired a few months ago. During this clinic, her dad needed surgery. He had developed a mass on his neck that needed to be removed. The results came back positive for TB so please remember this young man and his family in your prayers.
Some of you may also remember this young boy and his mother. This is Miguel and this was his 4th and hopefully final surgery. He had his lip and palate repaired. His mother is a very special lady took Miguel into her home when he was only a few days old. They live near the Choacaman area where we have clinics.


OK, when LISA, told us last year that she needed to do a year of government service, my heart sunk. In some ways the year has gone quickly but in other ways, it has dragged. Now it is time to celebrate Lisa's accomplishments!!! CONGRATULATIONS, LISA!!!
Lisa was taken by surprise as the Guatemalan staff entered with signs and balloons.
Kemmel has been by her side during the year and has been also trying to keep us in line :)
Carlos presents a gift of appreciation for her work and dedication to Health Talents. Lisa and Kemmel have played vital roles in getting the clinics and work started in the highlands. They were missed during this last year but it is great to have them back!
Lisa offers thanks for thoughts and prayers that were offered in her behalf. There were many long nights and weekends of work without sleep and now she can get back to providing care in the highlands with her GUATEMALAN LICENSE!!! CONGRATULATIONS, LISA!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tuesday------surgery continues

The week continues with more surgery.

This is Lousia from La Estancia, where we have clinics. She thought she was going to have her surgery yesterday but was post-poned one day. A friend from Morganton, Evelyn, is going to help Louisa with her cost of the surgery. Thank you Evelyn! As I sat down next to Lousia, she pulled my arm around her neck........I was afraid I was going to choke her. She and her husband are really neat people. They helped Josefina and I establish clinics in their area last year. They are strong members of the local Church.

It is always good to have friends return.........this is Kay from Roswell, Georgia and Ronnie from Eaton, Colorado. I grabbed them out of the operating room for a photo.
It is always good to make new friends too.......this is Rhonda and Cathy from Montgomery, Alabama. I think they will return again :)
Julie is doing her monkey/puppet act that the children love. The second little girl is Irma and she lives in this area. For many times that she saw me, she would not talk to me. She would duck behind her dad and be very shy. Just last night, she started reaching out her hand for me to touch as I would walk by..........still not wanting to talk but that is ok. As they say here, "little by little." It is ok. Irma is having her palate repaired. She found someone in the past to repair her lip but now it is time for the palate which will make eating easier for her.
OK, we are ready for a celebration!! Can you guess who it is for?? Please continue to read the next blog because it was a special celebration!!

Monday in Montellano---Surgery Continues

These two mothers share the same dream of surgery for their children. Edison and his mom are on the left while Diego and his mom are on the right. Edison had surgery on Monday but Diego needed to wait until Wednesday. I will share more photos as I get them

This is Gregorio and his father. The live near in La Palma where we do clinics. Gregorio also needed to wait until Wednesday for surgery.
I am sure that waiting for two days on a child can be very difficult. He watched patients come and go through the unit but he and his father were very patient, never complaining.
While the medical staff were in the other area of the clinic, Sharron was working just has hard painting. She would paint some and then sit and concentrate on what next needed to be done. I did not see her take any breaks through the day..........she told me that this is the way she likes to paint.
With a closer view, you can see the photo that she is painting. It is of a family practice physician that was down to help. Here in the photo, many children are using his stethoscope to listen to his heart.........and he has a BIG one!! This photo is being painted in the dinning area of Clinica Ezell.
We ended the day praying for each patient by name. All of the patients have done well and we pray that they continue to improve.

Clinic in Montellano---Surgery Begins

I met Josefina at 0630 and we drove to Chichi for Manuel......then we were off to Montellano. It was a good drive with minimal traffic and we arrived a few minutes before worship. We invited the people that were having surgery to join us and many did. As usual, these Sundays are crowed with nervous patients not knowing what is in store for them.

It is amazing and very humbling that people put their life in our hands or the lives of their children when they are hoping for a better life or a life free from pain. I think that the opportunities that we give people physically only open doors for the possibilities that could heal them spiritually. We are limited with physically healing but Jesus can heal the soul. Spiritual seeds are planted daily.

Last night at 10pm my phone rang and it was the brother of Tomas who had surgery about 3 months ago. She was the lady that had the mass that was 12-14 pounds, I can't remember the details. Anyway, she was asking to worship with me in Santa Cruz. Unfortunately, I had to tell her I would be in Montellano but encouraged her to call to me next Saturday I would be glad to go and get her so she could ride with me.

These photos below are of Edison, who lives near Panajchel. He was a baby found by Jane, with Evelyn's Baskets of Love and Life. My parents congregation, Morganton Church of Christ, is paying for his surgery in memory of my grandmother, who died a couple of months ago.

This is Edison and his mom before surgery.
Now, look at those beautiful eyes!!

This is Edison, being held by his mom, just a few minutes after being taken to the recovery area.

Edison still has his nasal tubes in just to help keep his nose open. The mittens are being used so he doesn't accidentally pull out anything. This photo is just a few hours after surgery and he was very active!

I will follow this blog with more photos.........stay tuned!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Returning to Guatemala

So, it is time to head back to Guatemala. The time has been short and I added a few things to the week but it was a good one.

As we were leaving the house, I heard mom yell to my dad, "We dressed the same, we can not leave the house like this!" Hmmmmm, is this from being married so many years?? And just so you know, my mom is on the left and my dad is on the right.......sorry, I couldn't resist that!!! :):)
They may not let me back in the house in December!

In the airport, I ran into Dr. Philip that comes down twice a year. He is a plastic physician that does surgery at the clinic. He invited me to sit with him so we spent the flight talking about Guatemala and other things going on.

We arrived safely and found the bus and everyone waiting for us. It was good to see some people I had not seen since last year. Dr. Philip and that group loaded the bus and headed to Montellano. I met Lisa and Kemmel and we headed for Chichi and Santa Cruz. They were very kind to offer to bring me home. We stopped for a quick lunch and then were back on the road.

In the morning I will pick up Josefina and Manuel and we will head to Montellano for a few days.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Early birthday celebration

Sally and I headed to my parents after a dental and a neurologist appointment. I had an early birthday celebration with my parents, Sally, Angie and Paige. My brother, Mike, was not able to join us due to fighting fires on the coast of NC. We continue to pray for his safety.

OK, this is my dad, mom and me. Dad grilled burgers and Mom baked a cream-cheese cake and frosting :)
Topped off with DDP, what more could you want??

I headed back to Winston for an MRI at 8:30 pm. Everything is ok, thank you Lord, so the focus will be pain management. It is ok :)

I fly back to Guatemala in the morning. Kemmel and Lisa will meet me and we will drive to Santa Cruz. It has been a GREAT week!