Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wonderful Clinics

This week has flown by!!!

Yesterday, I was in Saquilla with Sara and Enrique.  We had a good clinic  with about 14 patients.

There was this flower that was so pretty and symmetrical.  The filament and stigma had three sections to it.  Does anyone know what kind of flower it is??

For lunch we were excited to have noodles in a cup------chicken to be exact.

The last patient of the day was a challenge for Enrique but he had a satisfied patient.

He flushed out a huge????  When I got back, Enrique was wet and the huge ???? was in the drain.  She felt much better when she left. Enrique always does a good job.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Update on Chutzurob

There are so many things that I can share with you about the work here in Guatemala.  I could write and write and continue to write and still not cover it all.  Good things are happening!!  The Church is growing and it very active.

In 2008, Gaspar, Juan and I met with Sebastian in Chutzurob about starting a clinic here.  You can go back on my blog and see the entry from this visit.  We were very hopeful but yet not sure the members of the congregation would support it.  Well, they supported it 100% and this clinic continues to do well.  This is Juan, Gaspar with Sebastion in 2008 in front of the church building

A few months ago, they told me that they were going to start building.  Their congregation needed something larger for their activities.  So, when we returned, it was completely gone!! The foundation makes a good parking lot for our trucks when we have clinic.

This last time, we could not use the foundation since they were beginning to put in the rock and rebar.

They do not not hire much of the work to be done.  From preacher to clinic work, to working with mud and cement.  This is Domingo and he often works in clinic with us.

We will pray for their work that it goes well.  They might be working on this project for many years to come.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Post Surgical Update

I have an update on all of the babies that had surgery earlier this month.  They are doing well...........of course it helps to have great surgeon, surgical staff and post-op care!!  Maybe, I should stay outstanding care!!

This is Brandon when he was just a few months old, before his lip surgery.

This is Brandon now, after his palate is repaired!  What a difference in his life!

Thanks to Jeanie who sponsored the surgeries for Brandon.

This is Santiago.  You may remember him before he was old enough for surgery.

Now, Santiago has had his surgery,  He has a few scabs left but he is healing well.

Evelyn and Frank sponsored this surgery and his parents and grandmother are very thankful!!

Javier was a little restless before his surgery.........

but he loved the attention of all the nurses!  This is two weeks after surgery and he is healing well.

Ginny sponsored his surgery and we are thankful for that! 

Emerson had his palate repaired. He had his lip repaired in The City and then came to us for his palate.

Kory, thank you for helping Emerson and his family!

Juan now has had his lip and palate surgery with us.

 He pretty much stays with his dad.......and his dad loves it!

Thank you, Kory for also sponsoring Juan's surgery!

Hilda has had a difficult time but is doing better.

She has a small infection with her lip.  I found out that when she is placed on her mother's back, she gets angry and bangs her face into her mother.  

With that and a hygiene issue, I called and talked to the mom about them returning to the clinic.  I saw them and treated her and they will return in two weeks.

Don and Jessie have sponsored Hilda's surgery.  I hope that in the future photo that Hilda is smiling and feeling better.

This is one famous baby!  Milton spent more time in the nurses arms than he did with his mom..................
well, close to it anyway.

He is just a content baby, and we like it that way!  Beverly and Doris sponsored Milton's surgery and I look forward to posting photos after his palate is repaired.

I saw Sheila before she weighed enough have her lip surgery.  Her parents were patient and returned when it was time.  It is amazing how a few pounds will change appearance. 

 She has some scabbing but we will follow-up on that.

 Angie sponsored Sheila's surgery and we are thankful for that!

The last baby of the group is Joas. He was born with syndactyly, involving both hands.

Many of you have heard the phrase, "See one, do one, teach one."  Well, Joas' dad is showing me that he can change the dressing.

Danny sponsored this surgery and the parents are so excited!  It may take a while for Joas to fully understand the blessing he has received.

Well, that sums up the nine lives that have been touched in so many ways.  Thank you again to the sponsors, to ASELSI for transportation, Carol for her follow-up, Solomen's Porch and Lindsey for her help, and to Hector for his transportation.  And of course to Health Talents International and all of those that traveled down to provide the care.

After saying that, I feel like that was my speech at the Emmys.  But it just shows how many people are needed and the planning that takes place to make this all happen.  We just need to remember, all the glory goes to God!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

I know that I have been scattered on the blog and will continue to be for the next few days........I want to share a few more photos of the work that was done in Montellano.  This is a small group of nurses and staff from the OR.  There were about 60 people this week that came from the US and 80 surgeries were done in about 4.5 days.  All went well and we praise God for that.  In the US, you can not toss together 60 people, with a short orientation and have things run as smoothly as they do is the work of God!

Yes, we do goof around some............

But there is always compassion............................

And then there is the time to say good-bye..........

We look forward to the next trip....................because we know that God will be with us again and we will see great work!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Hennessey in Antigua

It was a sad time to see Hennessey leave Guatemala but looking at the week, so much work was done and we had a good time.  We had a night in Antigua before they flight left on Saturday. There will be sore backs for those who worked with the grass project.

This is Anna, who is Lisa's sister.  In her real life, she is a dentist and on the side, she is a grass planter.  I asked her if she was going to change her gown before she saw her next patient and I dobut that she gave me a straight answer.  Charlie, her husband, is a Family Practice Physician and farmer on the side.  This week, he wanted to plant grass. He worked very, very hard!  :)

These ladies separated the grass before parts of it could be planted. It has a long root system that grows straight down.  We have hopes of planting it in different areas to prevent mudslides.

These young ladies would place the grass after Charlie would dig a hole for it.

When we arrived in Antigua, it was a time to rest.  We went to Mono Loco's which is a very popular restaurant.  As always, we enjoyed the food.

We walked to the central park, took photos and decided what to do for the afternoon. This fountain has to be one of the most photographed objects in Guatemala.

The group deciding what to do.

I headed back to the hotel to repack my clothes.  This was the view from the terrace of the hotel

The courtyard had some pretty flowers.

I saw some hummingbirds but when I got my camera, I could not find any more.  I did see this bird talking to himself in a mirror.  He would chirp and chirp, fly away and then return for another session.

It was a great week,  Thank you Hennessey!!  We appreciate all that you did and we look forward to your next visit!!

Hennessey and Baptisms

I realize that I am a few weeks behind in this blog.  When you notice that I do not blog for a few days. it is not because I am sitting or whatever but it is because we have had a lot of activities. 

Hennessey Church of Christ visited us before I went to the coast with the babies.  I want to tell you about a wonderful Sunday that we had together. 

We all headed to the pool in Sepela for a worship service with the Chijtinimit congregation, three baptisms and a lunch together.  This is before any activity took place.

 It is obvious that these are the best seats in the house!

 As you can see it takes some planning to get everything organized.

These are the three young people that want to be baptized.

Our group sees that Luis is going to begin.

Luis explaining the reason and the purpose of baptism.

One of the girls preparing.

This is the young man.  This photo reminds me of the scripture, "We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life."  Romans 6:4  Without this new life, we have not hope.

There is always a private prayer between those doing the baptism before and after.

I do not mean to be disrespectful by taking photos during a prayer.  I have been with Kemmel many times when he has been asked to lead a prayer.  Some are very difficult......the last time was at a funeral of a baby.  Today was joyous over three new souls.

As we waited for lunch, we sat and chatted

The Hennessey group is special to us.  Anna is Lisa's sister and the congregation also helps support me so I can work here in Guatemala.  They visit every 2 years and we look forward to it!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Catching up on the Surgical Week

What a week we had!  We finished with about 80 surgeries.  All of the babies did really well.  I can tell you after a week with nine babies, I had a hard time keeping up with them. I have no idea how some mothers can watch over ten to fourteen children.  I know that is NOT my talent.

One child had to wait until the next clinic in February for his palate repair.  This was Efer, being sponsored by the Lenoir Church of Christ but we will wait patiently for the next surgical clinic.

Brandon had a palate repair. He still is not sure about being at the clinic and having so much attention.

His surgery was sponsored by Jeanie.

Santiago went for a lip repair and did very well. This photo, is of course before the surgery.

Candalaria, his mom, learned how to properly clean the lip. Santiago will be looking much different in a few weeks.

Frank and Evelyn, sponsored this surgery.

Javier with his mom before surgery.

Javier's surgery was sponsored by Ginny.  The surgery went well and in a few days the swelling will decrease and look much better.

This is Emerson and he had his palate repaired.  This was a day after his surgery and he was doing well.

Kory sponsored Emerson's surgery and it will be easier for Emerson to eat and drink now.

Juan Saquic also had his palate repaired.

This is Juan and is mom, just a few minutes following surgery.  Kory sponsored this surgery and Juan's parents greatly appreciate it.

Hilda had her lip repaired.

Jessis and Don sponsored her surgery and her mom smiled constantly! She was so pleased!

Milton also had his lip repaired. He is a twin so his grandmother stayed with him most of the time.

Milton and his grandmother after surgery.  His surgery was sponsored by Beverly and Doris.

Shelia was one of the two girls. She had her lip repaired and was sponsored by Angie.

Shelia was swollen but that is normal.  It is important to continue to reassure the parents and be sure that they are aware of good hygiene. 

Joas had some fingers that have been attached since birth.  He did great after surgery and even played with his dressings in place.
It was a hot but fantastic week.  Everyone worked so hard and long hours.  It was hot but people kept going.  Three OR Rooms busted, while Rick and Kerry kept the instruments coming out of the sterilization room.

A special thanks to those that sponsored the surgeries!  I will see Joas tomorrow and all of the babies next Monday.  I will let you know how everyone is doing.