Friday, August 19, 2016

Hennessey in Antigua

It was a sad time to see Hennessey leave Guatemala but looking at the week, so much work was done and we had a good time.  We had a night in Antigua before they flight left on Saturday. There will be sore backs for those who worked with the grass project.

This is Anna, who is Lisa's sister.  In her real life, she is a dentist and on the side, she is a grass planter.  I asked her if she was going to change her gown before she saw her next patient and I dobut that she gave me a straight answer.  Charlie, her husband, is a Family Practice Physician and farmer on the side.  This week, he wanted to plant grass. He worked very, very hard!  :)

These ladies separated the grass before parts of it could be planted. It has a long root system that grows straight down.  We have hopes of planting it in different areas to prevent mudslides.

These young ladies would place the grass after Charlie would dig a hole for it.

When we arrived in Antigua, it was a time to rest.  We went to Mono Loco's which is a very popular restaurant.  As always, we enjoyed the food.

We walked to the central park, took photos and decided what to do for the afternoon. This fountain has to be one of the most photographed objects in Guatemala.

The group deciding what to do.

I headed back to the hotel to repack my clothes.  This was the view from the terrace of the hotel

The courtyard had some pretty flowers.

I saw some hummingbirds but when I got my camera, I could not find any more.  I did see this bird talking to himself in a mirror.  He would chirp and chirp, fly away and then return for another session.

It was a great week,  Thank you Hennessey!!  We appreciate all that you did and we look forward to your next visit!!

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Beautiful photos,Sheri!!!!!