Thursday, August 25, 2016

Post Surgical Update

I have an update on all of the babies that had surgery earlier this month.  They are doing well...........of course it helps to have great surgeon, surgical staff and post-op care!!  Maybe, I should stay outstanding care!!

This is Brandon when he was just a few months old, before his lip surgery.

This is Brandon now, after his palate is repaired!  What a difference in his life!

Thanks to Jeanie who sponsored the surgeries for Brandon.

This is Santiago.  You may remember him before he was old enough for surgery.

Now, Santiago has had his surgery,  He has a few scabs left but he is healing well.

Evelyn and Frank sponsored this surgery and his parents and grandmother are very thankful!!

Javier was a little restless before his surgery.........

but he loved the attention of all the nurses!  This is two weeks after surgery and he is healing well.

Ginny sponsored his surgery and we are thankful for that! 

Emerson had his palate repaired. He had his lip repaired in The City and then came to us for his palate.

Kory, thank you for helping Emerson and his family!

Juan now has had his lip and palate surgery with us.

 He pretty much stays with his dad.......and his dad loves it!

Thank you, Kory for also sponsoring Juan's surgery!

Hilda has had a difficult time but is doing better.

She has a small infection with her lip.  I found out that when she is placed on her mother's back, she gets angry and bangs her face into her mother.  

With that and a hygiene issue, I called and talked to the mom about them returning to the clinic.  I saw them and treated her and they will return in two weeks.

Don and Jessie have sponsored Hilda's surgery.  I hope that in the future photo that Hilda is smiling and feeling better.

This is one famous baby!  Milton spent more time in the nurses arms than he did with his mom..................
well, close to it anyway.

He is just a content baby, and we like it that way!  Beverly and Doris sponsored Milton's surgery and I look forward to posting photos after his palate is repaired.

I saw Sheila before she weighed enough have her lip surgery.  Her parents were patient and returned when it was time.  It is amazing how a few pounds will change appearance. 

 She has some scabbing but we will follow-up on that.

 Angie sponsored Sheila's surgery and we are thankful for that!

The last baby of the group is Joas. He was born with syndactyly, involving both hands.

Many of you have heard the phrase, "See one, do one, teach one."  Well, Joas' dad is showing me that he can change the dressing.

Danny sponsored this surgery and the parents are so excited!  It may take a while for Joas to fully understand the blessing he has received.

Well, that sums up the nine lives that have been touched in so many ways.  Thank you again to the sponsors, to ASELSI for transportation, Carol for her follow-up, Solomen's Porch and Lindsey for her help, and to Hector for his transportation.  And of course to Health Talents International and all of those that traveled down to provide the care.

After saying that, I feel like that was my speech at the Emmys.  But it just shows how many people are needed and the planning that takes place to make this all happen.  We just need to remember, all the glory goes to God!


terry5 said...

Great pictures. I hoped you saved some babies for us to take care of in February.

Mom said...

Beautiful babies!!!! It's amazing what surgery can do for these little ones and their families. I pray that they see the love of God through what has been done for them. Changing lives and souls!!! Javier, especiall, looks wonderful !!!! Just kidding, they ALL look wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patricia Corder said...

Thanks for the update! So glad to hear they are all doing well.

Anonymous said...

REMARKABLE care, indeed!

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