Monday, July 1, 2019

Packed Week in Nashville

This week, I will have my skates on!  I have been invited to Nashville and will be staying with Pat.  I am looking forward to our time together.

The first two days, I spent at Healing Hands International, packing duffel bags to be sent down to Guatemala.  I was very appreciative of Linda, Mary, Alice and Julie who came to help me.  We packed the eleven bags in two days. 

On Wednesday, I went to David Lipscomb with Pat.  Alice and Julie met us there and helped us set up the booth for Summer Celebration. Alice, Pat, me, Oliver and Julie.

 This is where we had the HTI luncheon.  Before the festivities started..........

The line continued to grow and tables filled.

People starting to eat and then Carlos offered prayer before we began the program.

Not the best photo but the only one I have.  Elaine, the president resenting to Julie.  Marie, the vice-president introduced Julie before the presentation was made.  Alice, board member, presenting a huipil to Julie.

I am hoping that others took better photos than what I have.

I think the final count was 139 for lunch and the presentation.

Alfred led the slosing prayer.

Carlos, me, Sylvia and Julie before we finished the day.

It was a very exciting week for me.  I saw many people that have been down on HTI trips.
In addition to those above are Harriett, Kassi, Sarah, Alfred, Linda, Jane, Jeff, Nancy, Steve, Mary, Erik.......and I am sure others.

Thank you to everyone for your support of Health Talents International in Guatemala.