Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Clinic with the Turkeys

Enrique, Manuel, Andrea, Maria and I headed out to Chajbal today.  We have been having clinic here for about 7 months but that is just a guess. We really like the community and keep hoping that the clinic takes a jump.  Sometimes, it just takes some time to get peoples interest and then we see the clinic grow.  For example, the clinic in Saquilla was slow in getting started but we have seen some good numbers threre.

By noon today, we were all tied.........Enrique had one dental cleaning, Andrea had one dental and I had seen one medical patient.  I told Andrea that this was her first patient.

Well, since Andrea is much smarter than I am, she proceeded to tell me that turkeys to not have teeth.  What can I say?  I did not grow up with turkeys walking around in my yard.

We finished the day decent.  Soon after we ate, he had about eight patients arrive.

I mentioned using radio to announce the clinic for that area.........we will see what happens.

In the evening, I had dinner with Lisa and Kemmel.  It is nice having them down the street.  They know of a pizza place that actually delivers, even if they do not follow directions very well.  The pizza was wonderful and it was nice just to sit and chat.  If you ever need a pedicure in Honduras, they can give you some good information  :) 

It is almost time for Montellano and a full week of surgeries.  I am getting packed, slowly but surely!!

Monday, February 6, 2017

CT Normal!!

I just want to let you know that the young man who we saw in clinic on Friday, had a normal CT!  That is when you just say, "Gracias a Dios!"  He will be treated with different medicines and will hopefully have a full recovery from the fall :)

Ana and I were in the clinic today.  We had several diabetics and most of them were out of control.  Not sure what is going on with that.  One man has only come to the clinic once a year for 4 years!!  I guess that I have never explained the term "chronic" very well.

The last gentleman is a Diabetic and wears open shoes.  His large toe is infected.  So, we talked about hygiene and closed shoes.  Yes, I explained in detail all of the "stuff" that is in the dirt as we walks about with basically no protection on his feet.  I gave him medicine. talked about the diet and different things that he needs to change.  We will see what happens.

As we were all cleaning the clinic, preparing to leave, the ice cream truck went by.  It was a warm afternoon so I told everyone that we were going to eat ice cream!!  We got all excited but come to find out, he only had the scoop-out kind.  He did not have the paper protected ice cream, even though he advertised it on his motorcycle.  Well it was too late.....................I had to eat it.  Wish me well........thank you!!

Friday, February 3, 2017

To Be or Not to Be..............

Today, we had a small clinic in Mactzul I.  This clinic is close to all of the Mactzules. I have expected this clinic to soar in numbers and for some reason it has not.  Many people continue to go to Lemoa, even though it means traveling farther.  Sometimes, they sit and sit for hours until their name is called while in some of our other clinics, they can be the 3rd or 4th patient.  They have told me that they just like Lemoa better. Something that I just have not learned to grasp yet.

So, during the whole day there were about five medical patients and two dental patients.

The last two patients of the day, concerned me a lot.

One was a 16 year old that fell in class.  He did not loose consciousness but had a large bump on his head.  Then, about 30 hours after the fall, he displayed symptoms of a stroke or Bells Palsey. I called Lisa because I did not know how to write for a CT.  I am always learning something.  So we sent him to the National Hospital, Santa Elena in Santa Cruz for the CT.  I asked him to return with the results.

The other was a lady about 19 weeks pregnant.  Until two days ago, she had felt a lot of movement from the baby but for two days, she had not felt anything.  I was able to obtain a fetal heart tone but because she stated there was such a change, I also sent her to the hospital.  I asked her to please come back and see us with the results.

So, even though the numbers were small, I felt we served with purpose.