Thursday, February 28, 2013

Clinics in Chuguexa, Las Trampas and Quejel

Enrique, Cecibel and I traveled to Chuguexa today.  We had a smaller clinic than usual but some interesting contacts.
As usual, the majority were diabetics.  I asked the gentleman that helps us with clinics about the May clinic.  He told me that he thought we needed to cancel it for Samana Santa.  During this week, it is very difficult to get patients to come to clinic. I counted our Metformin and Glipize that thought we had have enough to give patients a two month supply.

Most of the glucloses were very high.  I was disappointed.  I would like to do another set of diabetic classes here but there was not a good response to the last ones.  What can ya do?

Our last patient of the day was a young man who had some sad problems.  His family lives here in Chuguexa and he works during the week in Guatemala City.  While in the city, he lives with his uncle, who he claims beats him.  His mother sat in on the consult, so she knows how her brother is treating her 17 year-old son.

We talked for a long time. The mother spoke very little Spanish and I could tell it made her son uncomfortable translating for her, so I asked Enrique to come and join us. Enrique is great with patients.  He is very patient and kind.

Sometimes, we have difficult situations in life.  Sometimes we can control them and sometimes we are unable.  This young man has to make the decision if he is going to continue to live with his uncle or not.  We can not change his uncle's actions.  His mother said we should pray for her brother and I fully agree with that, yet I would not want my son to continue to return to the house to be abused. 

He thought he might be able to find a cousin to live with.  He also wants to continue studying in school but is unable to right now due to finances.  We talked longer about other options he has.  He is young and bright.  His goals are reachable but he needs to be in an environment where his self-esteem can grow.

Enrique and I talked about this young man on our drive home.  He told us that he will return in May and we hope to see him then. 

Lisa, Ruben and their teams went to new areas today to start clinics.  Please pray for success in those areas.  Lisa went to Las Trampas and Ruben went to Quejel.  When we finished in Chuguexa, we called to see if they needed any help.  Both clinics were doing well and this is great news!

I called Alicia to find out about the diabetic patient from Chiqua.  She has been discharged and her blood sugar is under control.  I hope that she is feeling better and will be more compliant with her diet and medicine.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I do more laundry than I cook!

Well, it was time to break down and buy more propane for my stove.  I teased Lisa and Kemmel when I told them, "You know I do more laundry than I cook!"  It is more of the truth than I can admit.  For me, it is more important to wash my sheets 2-3 times a week, than to cook.  It is just too easy to find something to eat in Chichi, in the streets :)

Today, I traveled with Martina and Cesar as we went to Mactzul II. We met Tomas, Enrique and Marcos there.  We had a small clinic and then enjoyed lunch.

A few months ago, I introduced Cesar to you.  He lives in Chuchipaca and will be working with our ABC program.  Today, he met with parents and children of the ABC Program to see what their needs are.

He started the meeting about 2:30 and finished about 4:30.  I went in for a quick photo but it distracted from the class, so I left after just a minute. There were between 25-30 people present.

Some of the students left after about an hour and I was sitting on the steps. They wanted to practice some multiplication, so we did that.  The last thing they discussed was finding words with 3, 4 and 5 syllables.  It was fun thinking of words and helping them count the syllables.  We do this in our English classes to help with correct pronunciation.

Cesar and I made our way back to Chichi when he finished the class.  I told him that I want to help him more with his classes.  I want him to enjoy his work, have the help he needs and to see the children do better in school.

Tomorrow, Enrique, Cesibel and I will travel to Chuguexa.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Clinic in Lemoa

What a day in Lemoa we had!  All of the babies returned for their post-op visit.  All of the babies looked wonderful!

This was Amarilis, when she came to us for the first time last year.  This before she had her heart valve repaired.

This was Amarilis today.  What a pretty little girl!

This is Anderson Joel.  His lip looks great!

This is Edison.  He had a small hole in his palate repaired and he is looking good.  He will soon have several girlfriends!

This is Angelica.  Her mom continues to be very excited about the surgery.

Here is Marcos.  He had problems with diarrhea in Montellano but his mom told me today that he is doing much better.

Hector Fredy is another boy that will have a lot of girls around him!

This is Yony and he is resting better, now that he is back home.  He did not enjoy being at the coast at all.

Here is Osman.  His parents still have him wearing his little scarf :)  What a cute baby he is! They enjoyed worship last week and may visit again this Sunday.

I was so excited to see the babies again!  All of them are doing great and we talked about their future surgeries.

Today, we had 29 patients in the clinic.  There were several diabetics and lots of people with colds and coughs. 

One gentlemen needs a hernia repair so he will return with his lab work.

One man was interested in hearing more about the Bible, so someone from the Chichi congregation will visit him in his home.

I heard about the diabetic patients that we took to the hospital on Saturday.  They have her blood sugar down to 300 and she will stay one or two more nights in the hospital  If there are not a lot of patients in the clinic tomorrow, I hope to go and visit her. We will see what happens.

Tomorrow, we have clinic in Mactzul II.  Ruben usually does this clinic but he is in Nicaragua. We wish him safe travels and he will be back with us in a couple of days.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Clinic in Chicua and to the hospital

Today, Manuel and I went to Chicua for clinic.  We had a small clinic but it was a good day.

The first patient was very, very sick.  She is a diabetic and has not been to the clinic for five months.  Her blood sugar was 520 and she could barely stand up. She was severely dehydrated. I told her and her daughter that I thought she needed to go to the hospital. At first, they told me no but the more I talked to them, they finally agreed.

After we saw the other patients, Manuel and I drove the patient and her son to Quiche to the national hospital  As soon as we walked in, they put her in a bed.  I was excited about how quickly she was seen.

After I parked the truck, I walked home.  This was the moon.....................very pretty.

When I hear about the diabetic patient, I will let you know.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Clinic in Panajxit

I drove to Santa Cruz this morning to meet Tomas and then we drove to Panajxit.  It is the community that Enrique lives in so he met us there.

We had a very small clinic of only four patients.  I heard there was a party in the area so we think everyone was there instead of at clinic.  Oh well........

This was the sight outside of the community building.  The trash can was empty.......that is all I will say.

After clinic, we went and had lunch at Enrique's.  His wife is such a good cook.  We had steak, beans and tamalitos.  It was wonderful!

Tomorrow, Manuel and I will go to Chicua for clinic.  We will have a good day!

I am several days behind in many things......sometimes there just does not seem to be enough hours in a day.  Anyway, I just caught up on Lisa and Kemmel's blog. When you have a chance, please read it at

When I was at Montellano, there was a baptism.  Tomas and Enrique had the opportunity baptize this gentleman.  I know that the angels were rejoicing this day.

Tomorrow, Manuel and I go to Chicua.  I know that we will have a good day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pap clinic and then to the city

Katy and I went to Lemoa today and we had nine ladies for pap and three other patients.  It was a busy day but a good one.

When we finished, we headed to Antigua for the night.  Katy returns to The States tomorrow. 

We enjoyed dinner at Mono Loco.  We had great burgers and guacamole........ mmmmmmm, that is all I can say.

This is near the pool at Hotel Antigua.  It was a pretty evening.

In the morning, we ate breakfast and then went to Hermano Pedro.  It is a hospital in Antigua and one of our ABC Children had a consult there.  I wanted to be sure that everyone arrived safe and that everything was going well.  We found Rebecca, her dad and Cesar.  Manuel was still parking the truck but I felt better knowing they were being seen.

Katy got to the airport without any was good to have her here for a few days after the clinic in Montellano.  We look forward to her visit again next year.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday in Santa Cruz and Osman

This morning, Katy and I traveled to Santa Cruz for worship.  When we arrived, we received a call from Osman's dad saying that they were in the park and did not know where the church was.  We offered to go and meet them.

As we were walking back, I saw Magda.  It is the first time in several months that I have seen her outside of her house walking.  It is good to know that she is getting better.  I told her that Katy and I would return after worship for a visit. She said that she would be waiting for us.

The church is continuing to grow and it is an encouragement.  Before we participated in the Lord's Supper, we were asked to stand.  He then asked everyone to be seated but to remain standing if we had prayer requests.  Osman's mom speaks some Spanish but her primary language is K'iche'.  She did not understand, so she remained standing. 

The young man asked Osman's mom what prayer requests she had, but she was confused.  Osman's dad then stood up and started telling their story of Osman and going to the coast for surgery last week.  Francisco, one of the men in the congregation, understanding that everyone was a little confused, came over and said that he wanted to pray for Osman and the whole family. His prayer was special and very meaningful.

I was so thankful at this moment for how Fransisco handled this situation. I am also sure that the young man in front of the congregation was appreciative.

Osman is looking great!  His lip is healing well and there was no sign of infection.  Below is Osman with his parents, brother and sister.  I will see them again on Monday in Lemoa.

Katy and I returned to Magda's house but she was not there. We waited for a few minutes but not knowing how long she would be, opted to put her medicine inside the door with a note.  I will return another day to visit her.

We drove to Panajachel and then took a boat over to Santa Cruz.  We walked around and I showed her where the Lost Inguana was.  We wanted to sit in the hammocks but they were being used.  We walked along the shore line of the lake and I looked at a few other places to visit at another time.

We enjoyed a nice dinner on the lake.  What a delightful day it was!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday.....chillin' in Chichi

Katy and I returned to Chichi yesterday afternoon.  We got her settled into the apartment near my house.

Today, we washed clothes, walked up to Chichi and just hung out.  It was nice to be on a slower schedule for a day.

Katy smelled the bakery near my house in the afternoon.  It is hard to miss!  We went and bought some fresh bread, still warm from the oven.  I had bought some of these cookies before but never noticed the smiles on them.  Katy is much more attentive than I am!

Tomorrow morning, we will go to Santa Cruz for worship and then head to Panajachel for the night.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday........time to go home........

It is Friday morning and it is time to go home!  The week has been full of wonderful surgeries and everyone is doing well.  We are so thankful for this.

Betty and a driver from Panajachel arrived about 8 am and the babies were ready!  Really, I think the mothers were ready to get back to the cooler area.

This is Amarilis and her mom before they left.

 Angelica, just as sweet as ever!

Edison and his mom. He was standing on the bed and playing with his mom!

Hector Fredy and his mom.

I can not thank everyone enough for all of the help you have been!  All of these surgeries were sponsored by people who are willing to share what they have.  Many of us have been blessed beyond imagination.  We have been blessed with family, health, jobs, comfortable homes and the opportunity to worship without fear.  With your help and financial support, these children now have a new life ahead of them. Please pray for them.  Continue to pray that they will grow to know God and have a relationship with him.

This is one of the newest paintings at the clinic and I love it.  I have stopped and looked at it many times this week.  It is the woman in Luke, chapter 8, that touched the garment of Jesus.  People looked to Jesus for healing and comfort.  People with physical illnesses knew that He could heal.  He showed compassion for them, He took time for them......He did not turn them away.  We need to learn to be more like Jesus.

Thank you to all of the people that helped in the clinic this week.  You sacrificed your time and service to really change lives!  What a blessing you have been to many!

The babies will go to Lemoa on the 25th for their post-op consult.  I will have more photos that day. Please stay tuned!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday in Montellano

There were a few surgeries scheduled for today but not many.  Things are winding down!

This is Edison, after a small hole in his palate was worked on.  The mother is so pleased with how Philip has helped him.

Some lucky patients and parents are able to return to their home.  Philip and Jon with Anderson Joel as he was being discharged.

Philip and Jon with Osman during the last round before discharge.  Both sets of parents are so appreciate of the care that they have received.

One more photo with both of the babies.

This is the last photo of Marcos.  His dad came to drive him home.

This is Osman and his mom walking around.  They will return home in the morning.......and they are ready!!

This is Osman and his dad walking around.........waiting for the ride home!

In the evening, we enjoyed dinner together.  The Guatemalan staff take over the unit so the nursing staff is able to enjoy the dinner together and also have a final devotional.

The devotionals have been wonderful this week. I have enjoyed the English singing.

Tonight we had a surprise birthday celebration. Everyone waits to hear what is going on...........

Happy Birthday, Laura!!!  This is for you!!

Laura and her cake. Laura is a nurse and started helping every year since she has been a nursing student.

This is Laura's is her first visit and she was a big help!

This is Marta, the newest Guatemalan nurse.  She was a recipient of the Bennie / McDonald Nursing Scholarship Program. Here, she is with Nancy Benny.  What an exciting time it was for her to meet the person that helped her achieve her dreams, of being a nurse.  She was very tearful but wanted Nancy to know that the tears were due to joy and thankfulness.

If you are interested in donating to any of the Health Talent Programs, please let us know.  Through your gifts, someone will be able to continue their education and give back to their country.

This is Sandra and her sister, Linda.  Linda has been down for several years and it is always good to see her!

This is John, Brenda, Doyle and Tiffany. I think this is John's third trip down.  Brenda and Doyle have been down several times.  This is Tiffany's first time but I do not think that it will be her last :)

Freda and Bob finishing dinner.  Freda has been down a few times and this is Bob's first time.  Freda is a nurse and worked the recovery area.  Bob worked in the sterilization room and was a big help!  I also think that he will return :)

Wow, has the week really passed that quickly?? Some things never change.......Montellano is always hot and the week passes quickly.  The patients are so appreciate and working with them is a true blessing.  We pray that the patients saw Christ in our actions and care.  We pray that because of this week that they are closer to Him.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday in Montellano

This morning before the surgeries started, we waited outside.  This is Cynthia with Angelica and her mom, Amarilis and her mom and Edison with his mom.

Edison went and spiked his hair for our photo.  I gave him a small kiss on his cheek.

Anderson Joel and his mom.  This is the mother that cried yesterday when she saw her baby for the first time.

Amarilis before her surgery.  Amarilis is the baby that had her heart valve repaired last year. She has continued to grow and do well.

Amarilis just a few minutes after her surgery.

Roy and Mark in surgery. What a great opportunity for two brothers to work together in Montellano.

Even the adult patients get bored and want a little diversion.

Marjorie continues to walk with the patients.

Being in the hospital can even be a little rest for the mothers and grandmothers.

Osman continues to rest after his surgery that was was done yesterday.

Yony also continues to recover well.

When the day is over, it is time to relax.......................another patient continues to rest before her surgery tomorrow.

Another great day.  Several surgeries were done and we are thankful that everyone continues to do well.  Tomorrow, will be a lighter load but still busy.