Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday.........a full day!

We had a busy day but a good one,  We headed out to Xeopcol, there were about 5-6 people waiting for us.  We set clinic up pretty quickly and started working.

Maria and Sandra to the left, getting their equipment checked out.  Mike seeing his first set of patients for the day.

We had about eight medical patients, eight dental patients, one dental cleaning and one home visit.

We drove to Saquilla to bring back our lunch.  On the way, set stopped and talked to Sara's group.  They were having a good day and had several patients to see.

After clinic we unloaded all of the pickups in Lemoa and made the changes that were necessary.

Manuel drove people up to Chichi and I stopped over to see Mike and Julie a little.

Then I wanted to visit a little with Sara, her parents and Mario.  I did not stay for very long since it has been a busy few days.  They are headed to Antigua at 0600 and I hope they have safe travels. Sara's parents will then travel to El Salvador.

Mike and Julie will be traveling to San Jorge with Tomas, Enrique, Andrea and Martina.

We also pray that Kemmel and Lisa have had safe travels to the states.  We will see them in a short month.

I will be traveling to Antigua to get my passport.  I am driving the bank crazy since they want a copy of it and it is not here with me.  They may just have to wait a few more days :)

It seems that we are all going in different directions but we all remember the ministry, no matter where we are :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Clinic in Mactzul V

We started out the same as usual and ended up in Mactzul V and Chucipaca.
In Mactzul, we saw over 70 patiensts  so it was a good day.

This is Dave and Sandra setting up the dental area.

This is Dr. Jim, Barbara and Julie helping Jim.  Everyone has been so helpful that is what makes a clinic successful. 

The lighting on this photo is bad but Jessica is checking in Sandra.  Jeanie's a sponsored child by Jeanie in Morgnton, NC and she is doing great!

One mother forgot to got medicine for her daughter who has seizures.  She has been having ssmall seizsure, involving one leg and one arm once a month.  As they were paying for the medicine, she had a grand mal seizure.  It scared a lot of people but we kept things down and as controlled as possible.

Julie sat in on the last three medical conuslts.  One was a young mother, who's husband does not regualarly come to worship so it has affected now much she atttends.  We spend quite a while talking to her. We will see what she has to say next month.

This is our humble group.  We took it in the morning fefore we left.

It has been a good week!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Another day............ four more clinics!

We pretty much begin each morning the same........breakfast, quick directions, load 'em up and pull 'em out!

I want to introduce you today to Dr. Mike and Julie Kelley.  They served here in Guatemala, with Health Talents from 1985 to 1995.  I have heard their names many times over the years and now I have the opportunity to meet them. They will remain with us as Lisa and Kemmel return to the states and then on to Chile to visit family.  We wish them safe travels and a wonderful time with family and friends. I want them to have a fantastic time, yet remember where their home is :)

Kemmel talking to us before we headed out.  We had groups going to Panajxit, Paxot II, Mactzul I and Pocojil.  Sometimes, people do not realize the amount of work and thought that goes into the planning and preparing of these clinics.  Kemmel works very hard and we appreciate him a lot!

Gaspar, Cecy and I went to Pocojil.  For those of you who have met our translator, Manuel, this clinic is in his house.  Manuel is a great guy and with him speaking four languages, he is a big help to us.

We had a few very interesting patients today.  We had a lady who previously had a bad urinary tract infection.  She returned and is feeling much better but she is still not at 100%.  I hope she will return next Friday.

A mother brought in her 3 year old child that fell while running two weeks ago.  He began to hold his eye so his mother was concerned that something was wrong.  When we examined him, the best we could while he screamed, we found his right pupil totally white.  Gaspar and I talked to the mother about going to Solola to an eye specialist at the university.  I asked her to bring him back next week so we could see how he is doing. She will have to wait through the weekend as consults are only Monday thru Friday.

Then Cecy and I had this little 88 year old lady, who was a total joy!  It was so much fun hearing her stories.  She was a comadrona/ self trained mid-wife, for 62 years. She shared stories of how she would travel all hours of the day and night to check on her patients.  Some patients would give her food and others would not.  She would receive 1 quetzal, which is about 14 cents for her care.  She has spent many, many hours in the tuj/ sauna with these ladies as they are about to give birth and after.  It is nice to visit with someone that loves their profession. 
After we finished clinic, we unpacked the Nisson and then I stayed in Chichi for awhile. 

Julie, Keaton and I went to visit a patient in Buen Samaritano Hospital.  He is a patient from Chutzurob.  I thought that he might have been sent home but still has a few days to say.

Tomorrow, we will have clinics in Chuchipaca and Mactzul 5.  Another day and another adventure!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Let the clinics begin..............................

Yesterday afternoon, a group arrived to do a few days of clinics with us.  There are a few new people on this trip and several that we have known for many years.  While it is special to have friends come down every year, it is also wonderful to share the work with new people.  I am sure that the week has many good things in store for us, as well as our patients.

After breakfast, we headed out to the parking area to find out where everyone was headed.  We had four groups for clinic today.

First, Dave made a presentation to Marcos and Tania from the Memorial Road Church of Christ in Oklahoma.  This congregation sponsored Marcos when he worked with us for several years. Now, he has started to build a private clinic and we wish him the best in this endeavor.

This is the group from Memorial Road that is here this week with us.

We had clinics today in Lemoa, Chichicastenango, Mactzul II and Mactzul VI.  I went to Mactzul VI, where we had regular clinic and also saw all of the ABC Children.

This is Terry, who is a minister but quickly picked up the pharmacy.  He can speak Spanish so that was a big help.

This is Jessica and she is working with the ABC Children.

Lisa, is a pediatric nurse who is checking in patients.  She and Jessica maintained order of the patients and always had the next patient ready.

While we did not see a lot of patients today, it was a good clinic.  The ABC Program is a wonderful blessing and opportunity for the child, family and community.

We enjoyed dinner together and then our devotional, led by Terry.  We also had a few minutes while people reflected on the work that Health Talents has done over the years here in Guatemala, especially during the civil war. It was a time of uncertainty and yet the evangelism continues today.

We look forward to tomorrow, when we will again be in four different communities.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Clinic in Saquilla

So much has happened the last few days, I just do not know where to start. 

We have been preparing for a group that will arrive tomorrow.  We pray for their safe travels and that we will be able to reach many patients.

Kemmel and Lisa are in Guatemala City for two days of meetings.  They are talking about budget and how we will do things next year.  I am sure it is interesting.  Many different things are going on that will impact Health Talents but with Gods guidance, we will be able to continue to serve Him.

We have had a couple of sick patients.  I sent one to see our local surgeon yesterday but he is so backed up with patients, the poor man will not be seen until next Monday.  I feel so bad for him.

Please continue to pray for Marlene.  I heard last night that Marie has found a wig for her and someone will bring it down in October.  I spoke to Marlene's dad this afternoon and he said Marlene was in Mazatenango doing more paper work and interviewing to see when they can start the chemotherapy.

One of our brothers has surgery yesterday. I wanted to visit him today but we arrived after the visiting hour was over.  I called but he did not respond and that is ok. I just want him to know that we are thinking of him and giving God the praise for the successful surgery.

There is a physical therapist that works near our house.  Her mom has suddenly become ill so please remember her in your prayers.  There is so much sickness and disease and with the frustration and fear we sometimes forget where we need to turn.

Our physicians and medicines are such a big help but more important, is to remember the Great Physician and His power.  Sometimes people are given a poor prognosis and then beat it all to pieces.  We can not give up hope.  Without hope, we have nothing. We do not give prayer enough credit.  It is a direct line to God.
James 5:15-16  

And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. 16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.  The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!

Mom and Dad, Happy Anniversary!!!  This was mom and dad when they were married.............they have been through a lot. Raising my brother, I am sure was pretty rough on the nerves but I was / am a true angel.

Here they are today, as they go out and celebrate...............thank you for eveything that you have done for us and all that you have taught us. There is nothing better than having a Christian family.  We love you!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Busy day in Lemoa

First, I want to say Happy Birthday to Sally!!  We will celebrate in December when I am back in the states.  I hope you have a fun day!!

Today, clinic was a little better than what we thought it might be.  The road was still closed to Quiche but we had patients and we were thankful.  Lisa had 23 patients, Sara had 6 patient and Keaton had 8 dental cleanings.  I kind of hung out in pharmacy and the lab today.

Another fun surprise was when Martina's baby, Carolina came to visit.  It was also good to see Martina's mom.  Carolina is precious.  I told her one day she she may get to visit North Carolina........ She did not cry when I held her. She is growing and is very healthy.

Yes, the rains continue.  Tomorrow, I will head to Pocoil with Tomas and Enrique!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Road blocked due to protest

This morning, Cecy and I started to make our way to La Palma.  On the way, we dropped off Lisa and Keaton at Clinica Caris.  We have a group that is arriving next week and they were going to get a jump on getting things prepared.

When Cecy and I left Lemoa, we soon found out that something was not quite right.  There was a long line of parked cars and trucks, with no lights on and lots of people walking in the street.

We locked the truck up and walked a few blocks to find that there was a manifestation / street protest going on.  There were hundreds of people, tons of signs and and someone announcing over a loudspeaker. It was calm and no fires had been started so this was good.

There were a couple of men standing and watching and they had sticks with them.  When man has this certain stick, it designates him as leader of a community, for that meeting day.  I asked them when the road would be opened and he told me that it would be reopened today, IF the government gave them what they wanted.  If they did not receive what they wanted, the road would be closed again tomorrow.

I have since heard that the street will be blocked again tomorrow.  Unfortunately,  this may affect our clinic numbers. We will see.........

Cecy and I headed back to Lemoa to help the others prepare for clinics.....................never a boring day in Guatemala!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Clinic in Chutzurob......what a great day!

We arrived to Chutzurob without any problems and quickly set up.  Sebastian, the man that usually helps us has not been feeling to good.  He was very apologetic that he did not just jump in and help us unload the truck..........but it is ok!  He can help in other ways!

I found out that a friend of mine, Ellie, has just received and ABC Child........and I was able to meet her today!  Her name is Estefany and she is precious.  I also met her mother and she told me to thank Ellie for sponsoring her daughter. I will print this photo and take it to her when we return on the 14th of October for another clinic.

 This was another highlight of my day.  Marta and her husband have one child that is ten years-old.  She has been wanting another child but it just has not happened.  I had the opportunity today tell her today that she is pregnant!  She was so excited! She is doing well and I look forward to seeing her again in October.

 Yes, it is raining but we are not complaining.  We went so many weeks without it that the corn crop suffered.  Let it rain on!!!

Tomorrow, we will head to La Palma!

Susan and Grisalda

On September 9th, Susan mentioned her ABC Daughter Griselda.  Sometimes it is difficult to post comments or photos on the blog so I want to do this for her.

Susan has been coming down annually for several years now.  She helps in Montellano with organizing  the dental clinic.

She now has a ABC Daughter, Griselda.  Please return to the blog on September 9th to read what Susan posted about this being a blessing.  Yes, it is a blessing to those we help but I think that it warms our hearts even more.

Thank you, Susan!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Marie and Lind visit Chichi

Marie and Linda visited Lisa, Kemmel and I during the weekend.  It was great to have Marie here again and it was Linda's first visitd.

On Sunday, they worshipped with the Chichi congregation and then they came to see where we live.  They first visited Lisa and Kemmel's home and then drove a few blocks to my house.  When it was time to leave, the sky fell!!  The rain was cold and hard.  We quickly made plastic rain gear......truly Guatemalan style!!!

We drove out to the clinic in Lemoa.  Much has changed since Marie was here.  That was in 2007 when we had the dedication.  Marie remembers that we served Communion in medicine cups and passed them out using a wash basins.  You just do, what you have to do......to make things work.

Since the Guatemalan Independence Day is tomorrow, the torch runners were out in full blast.  We watched these guys in front of the clinic.

They loved having their photo taken!

We enjoyed a good dinner together and then said our good nights.  Marie and Linda will be traveling to the capital at 0700......and hopefully will not be stuck on the highway due to all of the parades and festivities.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ABC Program..........

Many have heard about the ABC Program that is sponsored by Health Talents International.  It is a special program in many ways. Not only does it help the child in a physical manner but also promotes spiritual health.

This is my ABC daughter, Sandra and her sisters.  We had just finished a clinic and they were going to catch a ride with us.  I have no idea what we were doing but obviously, we were just goofing around. Sandra is the young lady to my left.  She has just finished her graduation requirements and soon she will be able to teach. She has told me that she wants to continue her studies and I have strongly encouraged her talk to those who need to know.

If you are interested in helping a child in a very personal way, please let me know.  I can get the information mailed to you.  The program supplies medical and dental clinics and education, while also assuring that the child is active in the local church.  The program not only benefits the child but also the family and the community. You will hear from your child twice a year and will have the opportunity to meet your child, if you would like to come and visit!

For those of us who have ABC Children, it is exciting to see them grow and mature.  Maybe some of those who have met their child, would share a little of their experience here. I am sure it would be an encouragement for those who are thinking of doing this. Thank you!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sheri is back..........................

Yes, it is true.  Sheri is back.  When I look at the date of the last post, I think of all that has happened since then.  I am very thankful for many things and one of those being that my parents are much better and that I was able to return to Guatemala.

Since that post, 16 children have had surgery in Montellano and all have done well. Lisa and Sara have started IVAA in the communities.  This is a cancer screening exam for ladies.  We have a new dentist with us and her name is Andrea.  She will be working with us until Aura starts. 

One of the children, Yony, died in August.  There is a photo of him and his mom on November 21,2013 post.  He had many health issues and while this is a very difficult time for his mother, probably more difficult than we can imagine, Yony is now comfortable.  

There is also another patient that we would like to ask you to pray for.  Her name is Marlene.  Kemmel let me use the Nisson to visit with everyone in Montellano.  Marlene and I have spoken a few times and I invited her to return to Clinica Ezell. She was able to visit us with her family.

This photo was taken after our worship time and it was sent to me.  This is Sylvia, a dentist in Montellano and Marlene.  Marlene is wearing a ring and Susan gave her as she returned to the states in August.

Please remember Marlene and her husband, Jose, in your prayers.

OK, it is time to get busy with clinics, classes and visiting groups! Let the adventures and blogging begin!