Thursday, September 18, 2014

Busy day in Lemoa

First, I want to say Happy Birthday to Sally!!  We will celebrate in December when I am back in the states.  I hope you have a fun day!!

Today, clinic was a little better than what we thought it might be.  The road was still closed to Quiche but we had patients and we were thankful.  Lisa had 23 patients, Sara had 6 patient and Keaton had 8 dental cleanings.  I kind of hung out in pharmacy and the lab today.

Another fun surprise was when Martina's baby, Carolina came to visit.  It was also good to see Martina's mom.  Carolina is precious.  I told her one day she she may get to visit North Carolina........ She did not cry when I held her. She is growing and is very healthy.

Yes, the rains continue.  Tomorrow, I will head to Pocoil with Tomas and Enrique!

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Anonymous said...

looking forward to it, my friend!