Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday.........a full day!

We had a busy day but a good one,  We headed out to Xeopcol, there were about 5-6 people waiting for us.  We set clinic up pretty quickly and started working.

Maria and Sandra to the left, getting their equipment checked out.  Mike seeing his first set of patients for the day.

We had about eight medical patients, eight dental patients, one dental cleaning and one home visit.

We drove to Saquilla to bring back our lunch.  On the way, set stopped and talked to Sara's group.  They were having a good day and had several patients to see.

After clinic we unloaded all of the pickups in Lemoa and made the changes that were necessary.

Manuel drove people up to Chichi and I stopped over to see Mike and Julie a little.

Then I wanted to visit a little with Sara, her parents and Mario.  I did not stay for very long since it has been a busy few days.  They are headed to Antigua at 0600 and I hope they have safe travels. Sara's parents will then travel to El Salvador.

Mike and Julie will be traveling to San Jorge with Tomas, Enrique, Andrea and Martina.

We also pray that Kemmel and Lisa have had safe travels to the states.  We will see them in a short month.

I will be traveling to Antigua to get my passport.  I am driving the bank crazy since they want a copy of it and it is not here with me.  They may just have to wait a few more days :)

It seems that we are all going in different directions but we all remember the ministry, no matter where we are :)

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