Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Clinic in Chutzurob......what a great day!

We arrived to Chutzurob without any problems and quickly set up.  Sebastian, the man that usually helps us has not been feeling to good.  He was very apologetic that he did not just jump in and help us unload the truck..........but it is ok!  He can help in other ways!

I found out that a friend of mine, Ellie, has just received and ABC Child........and I was able to meet her today!  Her name is Estefany and she is precious.  I also met her mother and she told me to thank Ellie for sponsoring her daughter. I will print this photo and take it to her when we return on the 14th of October for another clinic.

 This was another highlight of my day.  Marta and her husband have one child that is ten years-old.  She has been wanting another child but it just has not happened.  I had the opportunity today tell her today that she is pregnant!  She was so excited! She is doing well and I look forward to seeing her again in October.

 Yes, it is raining but we are not complaining.  We went so many weeks without it that the corn crop suffered.  Let it rain on!!!

Tomorrow, we will head to La Palma!

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