Saturday, September 27, 2014

Clinic in Mactzul V

We started out the same as usual and ended up in Mactzul V and Chucipaca.
In Mactzul, we saw over 70 patiensts  so it was a good day.

This is Dave and Sandra setting up the dental area.

This is Dr. Jim, Barbara and Julie helping Jim.  Everyone has been so helpful that is what makes a clinic successful. 

The lighting on this photo is bad but Jessica is checking in Sandra.  Jeanie's a sponsored child by Jeanie in Morgnton, NC and she is doing great!

One mother forgot to got medicine for her daughter who has seizures.  She has been having ssmall seizsure, involving one leg and one arm once a month.  As they were paying for the medicine, she had a grand mal seizure.  It scared a lot of people but we kept things down and as controlled as possible.

Julie sat in on the last three medical conuslts.  One was a young mother, who's husband does not regualarly come to worship so it has affected now much she atttends.  We spend quite a while talking to her. We will see what she has to say next month.

This is our humble group.  We took it in the morning fefore we left.

It has been a good week!!


Mom said...

I see you, Sheri:):):)

Sheri said...

I know.....I can not hide :)