Saturday, February 28, 2015

ABC and normal clinic in Chuchipaca

This morning, I rode out to Chuchipaca with Lisa and Kemmel.  We met Manuel, Tomasa, Sandra, Cecy and Cesar out there.  We quickly set up clinic and started seeing patients.

Kemmel, preparing the folders as Cecy and Manuel get the patients ready.

Cesar seeing the ABC Children for their dental check.  He talks to the parents on how to better their dental hygiene.  It has been a very difficult challenge but we have seen some improvement.

Lisa had 19 regular patients and there were about 35 ABC Children.  There was only one that was a little underweight but over all, everyone looked great. 

We had one little girl that told Kemmel she wants to be a Doctor........what an exciting dream for her!

One young girl has a hernia so we will get her set up for surgery.  Since she is part of the ABC Program,  all of the costs will be taken care of by Health Talents.  The patients and parents are very appreciative of the program.  They often tell me what a blessing it is to them

I called one of our cancer patients, Ofelia and she told me that she is very sick in bed.  I will talk to Gaspar and we will look for a day to go and visit her.

It was a good day and it will be a good night to rest :)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Clinic in Panajxit

This morning, I met Martina and Sepela and we headed out to Panajxit.  We met Tomas, Enrique and Aura out there.  There were a few patients waiting and we quickly set up for clinic.

It was a pretty day.  Even though it has been dry, it is still pretty.  In a few short weeks, we will be having some rain and the fields will be prepared for planting corn.

I am not sure why I have been surrounded by so many turkeys the last week.  These two were checking out the ladies!! 

We had 10 medical patients and 15 dental patients.  I asked Aura if her back was bothering her when she finished.  She told be that her back was not bothering her but her arm was.  All of their patients were extractions and eventually it takes a toll on the arm muscles.

We enjoyed a great lunch at Enrique's.  I went in the kitchen to see his wife and helped fan the chicken as it grilled.  We had grilled chicken, spaghetti and tortillas.  As usual, it was wonderful!!

Tomorrow, we will have clinic in Chuchipaca.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Busting clinic in Chuguexa

Enrique and I had a great clinic in Chuguexa today.

Manuel, Tomas and Gaspar headed to the coast to take some supplies.  Lisa, Maury and Cecy headed to La Palma to do an IVAA clinic.

When Enrique and I arrived, the room was full with patients.  It is a good feeling to know that people have confidence in the care that we provide.  Enrique took names and I searched for their files.  Enrique did the vital signs as I saw the patients.  I helped search for medicines and took some of the blood sugars. 

It was a good day with 30 patients.  Most of the diabetic patients were controlled and I am always glad to see that.

I think that Enrique enjoyed the day as much as I did.

Tomorrow, we will all be in Clinic Caris.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Things to be thankful for!

Today is just a quick blog of things to be thankful for.  Yesterday, several people were baptized in Pachitac.  Cecy posted these photos and and I stole them from here Face book.

Baptisms are special events in some one's life.  It is an outward showing of your decision to follow Christ.  At this point, you receive the cleansing of His blood and the hope of salvation. It is a day that your family, the church and the angels in heaven rejoice.

The next celebration is as addition to our family, Mac Kenzie.  This is my brother, Mike, Angie, Paige and my mom and dad.  Mom is holding Mac Kenzie. We are thankful that she is doing well and is healthy.

We were also blessed this week by a donation from Sally and Erv.  They are also missionaries here in Guatemala, with a special interest in midwife education and woman's health.

This week they delivered two truck loads of supplies that we can use here in the highlands and also in the coastal area.  Some of the guys will help by delivering these to Montellano. Enrique is sweeping after Erv and his guys delivered the boxes.

Sally and Erv, thank you!  We will put these supplies to good use!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Check up for babies!

Wow, what a difference in these children!  The parents are so thankful for the medical team that came down for a week of surgery. Some of the children returned to Lemoa for their post-op exam.  They looked wonderful!

This is Jose Luis after he had his palate repaired.  His surgery was sponsored by Don and Jessie from Morganton.

This is Randy, before his surgery a few months ago.  His surgery is sponsored by Terry.

This is Randy, two weeks after his surgery!

This is Eleazor before his lip repair.  His surgery is sponsored by Danny in Morganton.

This is Eleazor, 2 weeks after his surgery.  And as you can see, the mother is so excited for her child!

We are very thankful to Julie and the team that was down here.  Their work is very appreciated and will be remembered for a long time!

After clinic, I went to Xepocol to speak to the ladies about IVAA/Pap and having a pajama party.  Yes, you read correctly, a pajama party.  I have been thinking of ways to get the young ladies involved more in activities.  The guys have soccer and other sports but there are not a lot of activities for the young ladies.

Sandra, who was my ABC Daughter translated for me.  I had been wanting to do a class here for a long time but it never has worked today was my opportunity!  I hit them full force with 3 topics.

I can not express how good it was!  The singing was wonderful and full of enthusiasm. Sandra did not seem nervous and we just rolled with the topics.

So now, I will wait to see if they want the IVAA/ PAP clinic and if they would enjoy a pajama party. It is not something that is done here in Guatemala but I think we would really enjoy the night together.

After Xepocol, Maury and I went to visit a lady who had a c-section a few days ago.  They just wanted to be sure that things were progressing as they should be.  It was a good visit.  Her incision looks good and the baby is doing well. 

Life continues to be good and full of adventure, here in Guatemala!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Days of Classes

On Friday, we went to Mactzul VI for a ladies class.  Cecy translated for me and the class was on, "Who am I?"  The ladies seemed to enjoy the study and we talked about it more on the ride back to Chichi.

The dream of leaning to speak K'iche' continues to fade.  There is just not enough time to focus on that while continuing with clinics, classes and other activities in the communities.  Cecy mentioned there will be several baptisms on Monday when I am clinic.  I asked her to take photos so I will be able to share those with you.

On Saturday, I did a short class in Quiche on IVAA/ PAP for the ladies.  I did not realize it was a 6 hours special program about fasting.  They started at 8 am and then at 1 pm, asked me to talk about the clinic.

It went well even though it was a shortened version.  They already have 22 ladies signed up for the clinic so we will work on getting that scheduled.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Busting Clinic and Pallitive Care!

Today was a good day and a very busy one.

We were in Clinic Caris and had 32 medical patients.  There was a wide variety of patients with several needing surgery.

This man has a very severe case of gout.  All of his extremities are affected.  Here, you can see the accumulation of uric acid crystals.  He is in extreme pain but the medicine does give him some relief.

We had two sisters who just found out that they they are diabetics.  Their blood sugars were over 450 and they also have a brother who is diabetic.

One lady has a small growth behind her ear so I referred her to Lisa during the Mactzul I clinic.

Gaspar had called a lady who has cervical cancer and we planned on visiting her in the afternoon.  It was about 11 am when I realized that I still had more than half of the patients to see.  In about 20 minutes, Lisa called me.  She had heard about the number of patients that we had and offered to come and help!  Thank you, Lisa.  Usually, I would not mind the large number of patients but did not want to keep the lady in Xatinap I waiting.

When we arrived in Xatinap I, Ofelia met us in the road. She told us that after Gaspar had called, her husband had left to start drinking again. 

We sat in their home talking about different things and then in about 15 minutes, her husband returned.  I found it very interesting that he returned.  He was curious about why we were there to visit his wife.

She has been ill for many years but has improved some.  We talked about different scriptures and then prayed with them.  I invited her to go with me on Sunday to worship in Quiche.  They do not live far from there.  We left medicine with her and hope that she has good results with pain control.

Gaspar and I returned to clinic to help finish up.  Lisa had done an ultrasound on a pregnant lady and then referred her to the hospital.

It was a good day...........I look forward to following up on Monday with several of the patients that we saw today.

Lisa, thank you for your help!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Clinic in Chuicaca

Several of us drove to a fairly new clinic in Chuicaca. I went to Chichi to get Sandra, Gaspar, Maria and Cecy.  Manuel was waiting for us when we arrived.

The drive to clinic was hysterical.  I laughed so hard that I cried.  Everything was in the way.......every form of animal life wanted to make their presence known!  Sandra started taking photos when it was obvious we were going to lose.  These turkeys would not get out of the road!  I would beep the horn and try to go left, while they stopped walking so they could gobble back at us. I would beep the horn again, try to go to the right side and they would stop walking and gobble back!

We finally made it around the dogs, turkeys, cows, ducks and even a cat.

When we arrived, we had to wait for someone to bring us a key.  We sat on the steps and read the daily newspaper.  It writes and gives photos of the horrible accidents, killings and devastating events that take place here in Guatemala.

These patients enjoyed ice cream as we waited for the key.

When we finally got in, Gaspar and I wanted to clean.  This building has been empty except for our clinics and needed a good cleaning.  We went across the street to a store to buy a broom and cleaning supplies. Gaspar started walking away with everything and then tilted his head back to the owner and said, "She will pay for everything!"  The owners started laughing as us, as I reached for my money :)

We had a great clinic of 18 medical patients, 7 dental patients and 1 dental cleaning.  Usually, Manuel has more dental cleanings but not today.

We listened for the Gasparin Ice cream van but we did not hear it today.  We were all looking forward to it.

Lunch was provided by a local family.  They were very nice and the food was fabulous!

We will return in a month for another clinic.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Clinic in Saquilla

This morning, we traveled to Saquilla.  Martina went with me and we met Tomas, Enrique, and Aura at the clinic.

It was a small clinic but it went well.

After clinic, we went to visit a patient in her home.  Lisa, Maury and I went to visit Tomasa, who is a member of the church in Chichi.  She had a pancreatic tumor removed not too long ago and is not doing well at all. 

Lisa brought several medicines with her and explained them to the family.  It is sad and difficult to see someone in pain and to know that there is nothing that you can really do to help.  You can only offer support and prayer.

It is comforting, although, to know that she is a Christian and has remained faithful.  While it is still a struggle, she and her family can be at peace.  We concluded our visit, kneeling beside her bed as Lisa led us in prayer..........praying for comfort and peace.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Brenda and Doyle Meet Maria

This afternoon, Brenda and Doyle had an opportunity to meet their ABC Child, Maria.  They have sponsored her for five years!  Today was an exciting day for Maria and her family.

Several people that were at the surgical clinic last week remained in Guatemala for a few extra days.  It is a great opportunity to visit the open market in Chichicastenango and experience a little more of Antigua.

Maria made this blanket in school and presented it to show her appreciation to Brenda and Doyle.

This is Maria and her family. 

We enjoyed a very good lunch in Los Confrades.  Starting on the left is Tom, Connie, Jay, Amy, Cynthia and Janice.  Tom, Amy and Cynthia translated during the surgical week. Connie circulated in the operating room. Jay worked in the sterilization room and Janice worked with the patients after their surgery.

It was a fun day but a full day.  The group returned to Antigua in the afternoon and have an afternoon flight tomorrow.  We pray that they will have safe flights and will want to return next year!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Quiet Chichicastenango

It was a good drive back to Chichi.  I could feel the temperature drop as I climbed along the highway.

I like Montellan but you have heard me say that it is very HOT there.  Tonight, I will be back in my flannels and using the heating blanket.

This was the view behind my house as I entered for the night.

It has been a great week.  I will print all of the photos that I have taken and take them to the parents on Feb. 23 when I see them in Clinic Caris.

In the morning I will travel to Antigua, in preparation of getting my passport.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Another day.................

This morning several of us headed out to medical clinics.  They needed one more translator so I did not mind going.  This young boy enjoyed being weighed and swinging...........he was sad when the ride ended and he was put back in his mother's arms.

When I returned to Montellano, Kenia had just returned to her bed.  She was very comfortable and had done well. Philip said that it was a difficult surgery and then later I heard that the mother had picked a scab from Kenia's lip after the first surgery.  Let's hope that she does not do this again!

Eber was having a good day.  He was a little congested after surgery but he will be ready to go home on Thursday.

Jose Luiz also had a good day.  He will go home tomorrow.

Randy and his mom walked around most of the day.  They are ready to head home NOW!  But unfortunately, will have to wait until the morning for their ride.

All of the babies have done great and it has been an exciting week. 
Many thanks to all of those who came down and made the week happen.  Thank you to all of those who sponsored children........Danny, Don and Jessie, Terry, Nancy and her congregation and Kory.
Your gift has tremendously helped an child and family.

In the morning, I will work my way back to Chichi.  I will spend one night there and then on to the city to get my new passport :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Day at clinic and more surgeries

This morning we headed out to clinic and the surgery team started early.  I wanted to come out to Rio Bravo to visit Marlene.  She was a patient back in August and we have stayed in touch since then.

Assembling clinic in Rio Bravo..........who is that man behind the curtain????

It is Jeff and his talented assistant, Chloe!

We saw a couple of patients and then Marlene arrived.  She later returned with her son :)

Jeff and I were invited to visit Marlene's home.  We enjoyed our visit as we met her sister, one of her brothers and her mom.

Kenia and her mom waiting as the patients come out of surgery.

This is Eleazor only a few minutes out of surgery.  His mom is really pleased.

The swelling and discoloration is normal.  In a few days, it will look much better.

This is Randy just a few minutes before his surgery.

Eber comes out of surgery and is placed in his mother's arms.

Randy when his surgery is completed.

Jose Luiz after his palate repair.

It was a busy day.........and a long one but we are very thankful. 

It was good to see Marlene and meet more of her family.  All of the surgeries went well and the parents are very excited.

Tomorrow, we will have another fantastic day :)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Carlos Baptied Carlos!

This morning, we all headed across the street for worship.  At the end of the service, they announced that we would have a baptism in the river. I thought the name sounded familiar but could not remember until I saw Linda..........Carlos is her ABC child.  She has sponsored him for many years and usually spends some time with him and his family each February, when she visits.

We slowly made our way to the river.  One of the first people to pop out of the jungle was Sara. This is Sara's first trip to Guatemala and we are excited to have her!

Out pops Amy and it is also her first time here.  She will be translating for the patients this week.

Carlos prepares to baptize Carlos as he is teaching him.  It is a moment that we will always remember.............

as the angles also rejoice with us.

The children from the congregation sitting on the rocks and watching the baptism.

When we finished, we regrouped for a quick meeting, lunch and then the surgeries started.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Clinic for the babies!

I met the babies down in Montellano this afternoon.

This is Eber Jeremia.  He will have his palate repaired on Monday and his surgery is being sponsored by Nancy and her congregation.  Several of them are here this week so that is a special bonus for them!

This is Eleazor Geraldo.  His surgery will also be on Monday and Danny from Morganton will be sponsoring this surgery.

This is Jose Luis and his mom.  He will also have surgery on Monday and his surgery will be sponsored by Don and Jessie from Morganton.

I could not find Randy.  He and his mom have been making the rounds today and they are hard to catch up with. Randy will have his lip surgery on Monday and is sponsored Terry.

This is Kenia and she will have her lip repaired again on Tuesday. Her surgery will be sponsored by Kory.

It is going to be a busy week but a good one. The group is a combination of many who have been volunteering for years in February and we also have some new people.

The group is being led by Julie and will be ready to bounce into action tomorrow after worship and a quick lunch.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Clinic in Chichi

The clinic in Chichi was today and there were a variety of patients.  There were 23 medical patients and 12 dental patients.

There is a gentleman that is a regular patient in the clinic and he returned today with postive results for tubercuolosis.  He is a diabetic and has several struggles.  I know that he would appreciate your prayers.

For those of you who have stayed with our promoter, Manuel, you will remember his daughter, Roxanna.  She was at the clinic today waiting for Manuel.  Her grandmother is positioning her neice on her back and then they were off walking around.

There were several diabetics in clinic today and some had made some improvment.  One lady recently found out that she was diabetic.  Her first blood surgar was 356 but today, she was 92.  She has really worked on controlling her tortilla intake.  She told me that she use to eat 10-15 tortillas at each meal!  That is a lot of tortillas!! Now, she is trying to eat more protein so we will see how she does in the future.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Clinic in Warm San Jorge

San Jorge was wonderful today!  We have been quite chilly in Chichi so the warmth of San Jorge was nice.  We were able to shed some of the coats and enjoy the sun.

Dental had a great clinic with 12 patients but the medical side was a little slow.  This is very unusal  but sometimes, it just happens.

This is a crop of onions on the side of the clinic.  You can see the irrigation system that they use in the center of the photo.

The mountain area is dry and they will be looking for some rain soon. The river was very low when we passed over it.

While dental was working, we sat in the shade and had some interesting conversation about Celebration Recovery, the work of the Holy Spirit and our role in helping others.  It is alway good to refocus, examine our work and how we can better it........while realizing that it is not what we are doing, but how God and The Spirit can work through us.

For lunch we went to a restaurant that was described as, "Bonita, Buena y Barrata."  Meaning, pretty, good and cheap!  I can handle that.  It held true to all Bs."  We had grilled steak, rice, salad, tortillas and wonderful salsa with beverage for 20Q or $2.66........yes, you read correctly!

We will see what tomorrow holds :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Clinic in Chutzurob

Today, we had 2 trucks that headed out to Chutzurob.

We were concerned with Cecy and her family.  Her grandmother had surgery yesterday so she was not with us.  I called her later in the day and her grandmother was awake and doing better. I know that she would appreciate your prayers for her family.

Chutzurob was busy and we loved it.  Later, Mitch told me it was one of his favorite days.  He had a great day in clinic and then later he and Manuel did some things in Chichicastenango.

We had 22 patients.  Since Cecy was not with us, I did the vital signs and labs.  Manuel later told me that he had two dental cleanings and asked if I would do the pharmacy while he did the cleanings.  "Sure!"  I responded.

I was real pleased when a lady returned to the clinic since I had been concerned about her daughter.  I had talked to Lisa about this last week so it was kind of ironic that the mother was there today.

In December, she brought her daughter in because her stomach was larger than normal.  The neighbors had questioned if the daughter was pregnant.  I asked her to get an ultrasound but she never returned to clinic.  When I asked the members of the church about her, they told me that the ultra sound was normal and everything was ok. Today, the mother told me that she had visited a surgeon in Chichi and he had removed the mass in January.  I am thankful that the mother followed-up in Chichi and that he daughter received the care that she needed.

Tomorrow, I will head to San Jorge with Sarah, Aura and the other team members.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Remember This Patient??

This morning, many of us headed out to Caris for clinic and we had a busy day.  There were 22 medical paients and Sandra was busy with her dental patients.

I received a call yesterday from this mom.  Her son, Anderson Joel, had his lip surgery 2 years ago and last year had his palate repaired.  She continues to be thankful for the surgery and the work that Health Talents does in this area. 

It is nice to have former patients come by for a visit!

The next plastic team will arrive on February the 7th.  Please pray that they will have safe travels and that we will be able to provide physical and spiritual care.