Monday, February 9, 2015

Day at clinic and more surgeries

This morning we headed out to clinic and the surgery team started early.  I wanted to come out to Rio Bravo to visit Marlene.  She was a patient back in August and we have stayed in touch since then.

Assembling clinic in Rio Bravo..........who is that man behind the curtain????

It is Jeff and his talented assistant, Chloe!

We saw a couple of patients and then Marlene arrived.  She later returned with her son :)

Jeff and I were invited to visit Marlene's home.  We enjoyed our visit as we met her sister, one of her brothers and her mom.

Kenia and her mom waiting as the patients come out of surgery.

This is Eleazor only a few minutes out of surgery.  His mom is really pleased.

The swelling and discoloration is normal.  In a few days, it will look much better.

This is Randy just a few minutes before his surgery.

Eber comes out of surgery and is placed in his mother's arms.

Randy when his surgery is completed.

Jose Luiz after his palate repair.

It was a busy day.........and a long one but we are very thankful. 

It was good to see Marlene and meet more of her family.  All of the surgeries went well and the parents are very excited.

Tomorrow, we will have another fantastic day :)


Mom said...

Beautiful children!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dad says
You guys are doing wonderful work. Please keep those babies safe and healthy.