Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Busting clinic in Chuguexa

Enrique and I had a great clinic in Chuguexa today.

Manuel, Tomas and Gaspar headed to the coast to take some supplies.  Lisa, Maury and Cecy headed to La Palma to do an IVAA clinic.

When Enrique and I arrived, the room was full with patients.  It is a good feeling to know that people have confidence in the care that we provide.  Enrique took names and I searched for their files.  Enrique did the vital signs as I saw the patients.  I helped search for medicines and took some of the blood sugars. 

It was a good day with 30 patients.  Most of the diabetic patients were controlled and I am always glad to see that.

I think that Enrique enjoyed the day as much as I did.

Tomorrow, we will all be in Clinic Caris.

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