Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Things to be thankful for!

Today is just a quick blog of things to be thankful for.  Yesterday, several people were baptized in Pachitac.  Cecy posted these photos and and I stole them from here Face book.

Baptisms are special events in some one's life.  It is an outward showing of your decision to follow Christ.  At this point, you receive the cleansing of His blood and the hope of salvation. It is a day that your family, the church and the angels in heaven rejoice.

The next celebration is as addition to our family, Mac Kenzie.  This is my brother, Mike, Angie, Paige and my mom and dad.  Mom is holding Mac Kenzie. We are thankful that she is doing well and is healthy.

We were also blessed this week by a donation from Sally and Erv.  They are also missionaries here in Guatemala, with a special interest in midwife education and woman's health.

This week they delivered two truck loads of supplies that we can use here in the highlands and also in the coastal area.  Some of the guys will help by delivering these to Montellano. Enrique is sweeping after Erv and his guys delivered the boxes.

Sally and Erv, thank you!  We will put these supplies to good use!


Mom said...

God is good!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dad said,
Mac Kenzie looks just like her great grandfather

Sheri said...

Dad, you must be right. I have heard that! Does she have your pretty blue eyes???

Anonymous said...

Dad Says
Matter in fact they are pretty blue.

Sheri said...

Dad, you are a true GREAT Grand-dad!

Gwen Schnell said...

How truely wonderful!! What a blessing.