Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Clinic in Warm San Jorge

San Jorge was wonderful today!  We have been quite chilly in Chichi so the warmth of San Jorge was nice.  We were able to shed some of the coats and enjoy the sun.

Dental had a great clinic with 12 patients but the medical side was a little slow.  This is very unusal  but sometimes, it just happens.

This is a crop of onions on the side of the clinic.  You can see the irrigation system that they use in the center of the photo.

The mountain area is dry and they will be looking for some rain soon. The river was very low when we passed over it.

While dental was working, we sat in the shade and had some interesting conversation about Celebration Recovery, the work of the Holy Spirit and our role in helping others.  It is alway good to refocus, examine our work and how we can better it........while realizing that it is not what we are doing, but how God and The Spirit can work through us.

For lunch we went to a restaurant that was described as, "Bonita, Buena y Barrata."  Meaning, pretty, good and cheap!  I can handle that.  It held true to all Bs."  We had grilled steak, rice, salad, tortillas and wonderful salsa with beverage for 20Q or $2.66........yes, you read correctly!

We will see what tomorrow holds :)


Mom said...

Beautiful pictures, Sheri!!! Interesting blogs!!!!

Karen Sims said...

Thank you for all that you do, Sheri!! ...not just in Guatemala but for your encouragement to me! Love you, amiga!