Saturday, February 21, 2015

Days of Classes

On Friday, we went to Mactzul VI for a ladies class.  Cecy translated for me and the class was on, "Who am I?"  The ladies seemed to enjoy the study and we talked about it more on the ride back to Chichi.

The dream of leaning to speak K'iche' continues to fade.  There is just not enough time to focus on that while continuing with clinics, classes and other activities in the communities.  Cecy mentioned there will be several baptisms on Monday when I am clinic.  I asked her to take photos so I will be able to share those with you.

On Saturday, I did a short class in Quiche on IVAA/ PAP for the ladies.  I did not realize it was a 6 hours special program about fasting.  They started at 8 am and then at 1 pm, asked me to talk about the clinic.

It went well even though it was a shortened version.  They already have 22 ladies signed up for the clinic so we will work on getting that scheduled.

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