Saturday, February 7, 2015

Clinic for the babies!

I met the babies down in Montellano this afternoon.

This is Eber Jeremia.  He will have his palate repaired on Monday and his surgery is being sponsored by Nancy and her congregation.  Several of them are here this week so that is a special bonus for them!

This is Eleazor Geraldo.  His surgery will also be on Monday and Danny from Morganton will be sponsoring this surgery.

This is Jose Luis and his mom.  He will also have surgery on Monday and his surgery will be sponsored by Don and Jessie from Morganton.

I could not find Randy.  He and his mom have been making the rounds today and they are hard to catch up with. Randy will have his lip surgery on Monday and is sponsored Terry.

This is Kenia and she will have her lip repaired again on Tuesday. Her surgery will be sponsored by Kory.

It is going to be a busy week but a good one. The group is a combination of many who have been volunteering for years in February and we also have some new people.

The group is being led by Julie and will be ready to bounce into action tomorrow after worship and a quick lunch.

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