Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Clinic in Saquilla

This morning, we traveled to Saquilla.  Martina went with me and we met Tomas, Enrique, and Aura at the clinic.

It was a small clinic but it went well.

After clinic, we went to visit a patient in her home.  Lisa, Maury and I went to visit Tomasa, who is a member of the church in Chichi.  She had a pancreatic tumor removed not too long ago and is not doing well at all. 

Lisa brought several medicines with her and explained them to the family.  It is sad and difficult to see someone in pain and to know that there is nothing that you can really do to help.  You can only offer support and prayer.

It is comforting, although, to know that she is a Christian and has remained faithful.  While it is still a struggle, she and her family can be at peace.  We concluded our visit, kneeling beside her bed as Lisa led us in prayer..........praying for comfort and peace.

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Mom said...

This is very sad!!!!!