Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Clinic in Xepol

Manuel and I set out for Xepol, hoping that it would be a dry day.  Our drive was good, even thought we hit a area with some mist, it did not last long.

Everyone is flying kites, getting ready for the November 2 celebration.

We had 12 patients and I was pleased with that number but two of them concerned me a lot.

The other day, I had pigs helping me with the clinic.  Today, I had sheep.

From time to time, they would give me the loudest "Bahhhhhhhhh," that they could come up with.

Outside the children were playing, with their kites.

They were determined.
And then caught some air

There was one lady that is about 26 weeks pregnant and she has not felt any improvement yet. I strongly encouraged her to come and see us Monday in clinic. I am even more concerned because her last baby in October.

Another lady has a neck mass that has been growing for nine months.  Since it did not cause her any pain, they did not see a need to visit a doctor.  I hope that this lady will go and have a biopsy.

So, that was my day.................................tomorrow, I will go to Antigua and get my passport.  It has a stamp that will last me until I fly back in December, which is not too far away! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Planning Their 50th Wedding Celebration!

Today, I had some of the most interesting patients.  I could really tell that this couple loved each other and that is not easy to find here in Guatemala.

They are in their early 50s and they told me how young they are!  They said that they have so much living to do and so much energy!

They told me that they are thinking of their 50th wedding anniversary.  I asked them how many years they have been married and one responded, "Thirty-one" and one responded, "Thirty-six."

He told me how much he loved her but lately, they had started fighting.  He said that this was not the way he wanted to live because he loved her and then he started crying.  We talked about some things that were causing problems and then she started crying.

I asked if I could take a photo and share their story and they wanted me to.

So, they will come and see me next week and I hope that things are better for them.  It is nice to see a Guatemalan couple not afraid to show affection.

I told them that I wanted to be invited to their 50th wedding celebration  :)  

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Clinic in Chutzurob

I am really many good things have happened and I just have not been able to get it blogged.  Anyway, today, we had clinic today in Chutzurob.  It is one of my favorite clinics.  They are expanding and it is probably the quickest church that I have seen go up!

During clinic, I had these pigs helping me all day.  I could hear them and I thought they were going to come through the wall.

Dental had a good day.

My day was frustrating.  Sometimes, I think it is just my poor Spanish but when other people try to help, we remain stuck.  People go home and decide to change the amount of medicine they should take and can not tell you why.  One lady today, should have gone for an important biopsy two months ago.  I gave her two options and the papers and she did not do them :( :( :(   So, we have lost two months and now she is having more symptoms.  I can not wind the clock back.

I made a hospital visit after clinic and then went to the office to see Mauri.

Tomorrow, we will have clinic in Chuguexa and it should be a busting clinic.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Clinic Continues in Chijbal

This morning Manuel, Teresa and Maria picked me up. It seems like things are just moving so fast and people are in all directions.

Gaspar is in Montellano with Enrique for the night. Please pray for his healing. Lisa and Kemmel are in The States for a few weeks. Maury was just married and they went to Antigua for a few days. I have not had a chance to print their wedding photos but hope to get that done this weekend. Sara's husband, Mario is also in The States. So we have a lot of things going on but clinics and our services continue.

Helping us out for a few weeks are Mike and Julie Kelley.

They have been with us for a few times and it is good to have them back.

We had a good clinic today in Chijbal with seventeen patients.  They are a very hospitable congregation.  I had seen one patient and then was asked to sit and have a mid-morning snack.

The morning passed quickly and soon it was time for lunch.  Manuel prepared our plates with Maria.

Most people will be able to guess what we had but it was so good!  We had chicken and rice with a wonderful sauce.  I am sure there is a name for it but I do not know all of the names and then soft, hot tortillas!!  ahhhhh!

A wonderful day!