Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Clinic in Zacualpa

I went to Santa Cruz this morning and met the guys. We drove up to Zacualpa hoping to have a lot of patients. The congregation announced on the radio for two days so we thought we would have several patients.

This little girl was full of energy. Her mom sat and watched as Enrique weighed her.

This is the view from the clinic. It is usually prettier but this is the end of the dry season. Soon, we will have a lot of rain.........a lot of rain!!

We finished with eleven patients. Not quite what we were hoping for but that is ok.

When we were finished, we were invited to eat lunch with a lady who is a regular patient of the clinic. Lunch was wonderful! We had beans, rice, grilled steak, cream, salsa and papaya juice.

The drive back to Chichi was uneventful.

When I got back, I checked on Sandra and she was cleaning her apartment. She had been running around with Lisa today. I needed to go to the bank so she went with me. I introduced her to different people in the market so she will have an idea of where to buy some things.

It was a good day, as I thought it would be...........Gracias a Dios!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Work day in Lemoa

This morning several of met in Lemoa for a work day. We have a couple of different teams coming this month and have a lot of activities planned.

Manuel met me at Kemmel and Lisa's this morning. His main task today was to get the trucks serviced. It is a lot of record keeping to know when all of the trucks have had oil changes, when the brakes need to be checkd, when the tires need to be rotated.........lots of stuff.......

The rest of us went to work cleaning and preparing boxes of medicine.

You have have heard that we are hiring a new dentist, so when there is a new dentist, you need a new dental assistant. So, I want to introduce you to Maria, our new dental assistant. This is Manuel, Martina and Maria. Maria has been attending Lisa's classes for a couple of years now and really has showed an interest in learning more.

Enrique and I went to work counting pills so we could fill an extra box.

Martina and Maria preparing the dental medicine.

Tomas was doing several jobs though the day. Ruben went to work organizing our medical supplies.

When we were done for the day, I went with Jenifer, a physical therapist here in Chichi, to look for a new apartment. I think she found what she is looking for!

This evening, Sandra, our new dentist, arrived in Chichi. She arrived with her parents and they are very nice. Lisa and Kemmel brought them over to the house to look at an apartment behind my house. They spent some time talking to Tomasita and Jaime to see if they could reach an agreement. I think they did!

Tomorrow, I will go to Zacualpa with Ruben, Tomas and Enrique.........I know we will have a great day!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Grilling in Chichi

When I was in the city a few weeks ago, I bought a table top grill. Today, I had a chance to use it. A special thanks to Linda and Katy that brought me Diet Dr. Pepper a couple of weeks ago!
Believe me, Guatemalan charcoal is not as easy to get lit as the stuff you can buy in the states. Jennifer came and visited with me while I was getting the fire going.

Finally, it was time to get the burgers cooking! Nakko and Chiquita actually left me alone while I was grilling.

Dinner was wonderful!

Tomorrow, we are going to have a cleaning day at the clinic and will be preparing for the groups that are going to be here in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Trip to Antigua........

Today, I went to Antigua to get my passport taken care of. Every 90 days it needs to get stamped. It takes a little planning on when and how to get it done and also try to coordinate it with other travels.

I jumped on a van to go to Antigua. The little girl in the seat ahead of me was obviously wanting to talk to me. Her parents did not discourage her so we chatted for awhile and then they hopped off the van. Then the ayudante of the van came and sat next to me and started talking. He remembered me from when Gaspar and I visited a patient in Buen Samaritano Hospital a few weeks ago. He was there because the patient is his aunt.

I finally made it to Antigua. I spoke with Mary and I was going to meet her on a corner.......and then I heard someone call my was Neva. Glenn and Neva had seen me as I passed their favorite coffee spot. Mary joined us and then we went for lunch and to catch up.

These are photos that Glenn and Neva sent me from the surgical clinic that was a couple of weeks ago.

This is Hefer recovering after his surgery.

Hefer reading a book.

Hector, after his bilateral lip repair.

Marjorie is always a big hit in the recovery area. She encourages all of the patients to walk around the recovery area to exercise their lungs.

The line grows as they make their way around the unit.

Even the nursing staff enjoys the activity.

The patients are given beads as they complete the exercise.

The patients are blessed by the surgical and nursing care that they receive during the week.

In a few weeks, an eye and an orthopedic team will arrive. The patients during this week will also be blessed from the care they receive.......................and it is for the glory of God!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clinic and Congrats Ruben and Sandra!

Today, Gaspar, mauel and I went to Chuguexa. We had a good clinic of 14 patients. As always, Chuguexa was cold. It was not bad in the sun but inside, it was quite chilly.

As always in Chuguexa, the majority of the patients are diabetics. We had a series of diabetic classes here in 2011 but I was disappointed with the number of patients that particpated in the class.

I mentioned a couple of days ago, Ruben and Sandra's wedding. I finally have a photo and permission to share it with you! As I mentioned before, I pray that God blesses their marriage and that Sandra enjoys being here in Guatemala. We look forward to her arrival!

Tomorrow, will be our clinic in Lemoa...............I am sure it will be a good one!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today, I was in Lemoa with Gaspar, Manuel and Martina. It was a clinic for the ladies that need paps and also for the babies to return for their post-op visit.

The babies were on time for their exam but were not real happy.

This is Hefer and his parents. He had his cleft palate repaired. His surgery was sponsored by Jim, Judy, David and Michele. Hefer is doing great!

He has not had any fever or problems. His mom said he is eating well. He is just unhappy when he sees a camera!

This is Hector with his mom and cousin.

Hector's surgery was sponsored by Nancy B. and he also is doing well after his surgery. He had a double cleft lip repaired. He is a little red and his mother is using cream to help prevent infection. We will continue to follow him and be sure that he does well.

After we saw the baby's today, we bagged some vitamins for our ABC children. In a few weeks we will be having our ABC Clinics and we will be distributing many, many bags of vitamins.

After a couple of hours, Kemmel came to the clinic and brought some tubing. It had to do with the air for the dental room. Kemmel, Gaspar and Manuel beginning to see where the tubing needed to be burried.

Manuel continues to dig as Gaspar speaks to one of the builders.

The clinic is coming along very good. In time, it will be open for business! My dad said that in one day, we will have a medical center. You never know!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Catch-up on baby's surgeries

I was not able to stay the other week when the baby's had their surgery in Clinica Ezell. The physicians, nurses and other visitors do a tremendous service when they come to give care for the patients. Each week of surgery specializes in an specific type of surgery and this week was the plastic cases. There were two babies from the Panajachel scheduled for surgery.

Hefer was not excited about his photo being taken. He is here this week to have his palate repaired. Jim, Judy, David and Michele are sponsoring the surgery for Hefer.

Nancy L. helped me by getting photos and Hefer did not want any part of it.

Hefer resting after his palate was repaired.

The babies usually spend 2-3 nights at the clinic before they return home. Hefer is ready do go home! He has had enough excitement.

This is Hector and he has a double cleft palate that will be repaired.

This is Hector after his surgery. This was an exciting week because the sponsor for Hector, Nancy B., was able to spend time with Hector and his mother.

Hector after his surgery.

Hector is almost ready to go home. This is Nancy L. and all of these photos are from her. Thank you, Nancy L.!!

All of the children did well and were sent home on time. Thank you Jim, Judy, David, Michele and Nancy B. for helping change the life of each child.

The children will return to Lemoa for a post-op consult on Feb. 21........stay tuned!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Clinic in Mactzul II

Today, Tomas, Enrique and I went to Mactzul II.

This is usually Ruben's clinic but he is in Nicaragua for his wedding! We look forward to his return and also having Sandra with us. We wish them years of happiness and that God will richly bless their marriage!!

We had seven patients In Mactzul II and Tomas had one dental cleaning.

After we had seen the patients, I went outside to play with the children. I had some stickers so I shared them. Each child selected where to put their sticker and then they wanted a photo.

This child was the first and he wanted it on his face.

This little girl had a different idea.

This little guy was having a bad hair day!

This young lady was as sweet as she could be. The colors in her blouse were beautiful.

Finally, someone broke the mold and put the sticker on her hand!

When it was time for lunch, we washed our hands in the pila and then we were ready. I can not describe how wonderful lunch was. We had chicken soup with pasta and vegetables. Each person was given a plate with about 8 tamalitos. I ate two and that was all I could handle.

When we saw there were no more patients, we loaded up the truck. These children also wanted a photo.

This evening I had dinner with Jennifer. She is a physical therapist that works for ASELSI, a nearby clinic. She is also working a few days a month with us. We had salad with chicken and pineapple pizza. It was very good! Thank you, Jennifer!

Day of Thanksgiving!!!

In the Christian life, there are so many blessings that they can not be numbered. My life has been an example of this.

Psalms 40:4-5
Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust, who does not look to the proud, to those who turn aside to false gods. Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders that you have done. The things you planned for us no one can recount to you; were I to speak and tell them, they would be too many to declare.

Today my dad had a cardiac cath and the results were good. We are so thankful to God and for the many prayers offered in his behalf.

I had talked to Lisa and Kemmel and I was ready to fly home. When I told dad what my plan was, he said, "Don't you fly home! You stay there and take care of the sick people!"

There are no words to tell how thankful my mom and I are...............

I also received word from my friend in India, that his daughter was recently baptized. He sent me these photos.

We know that the angels and the hosts of other Christians rejoice at this event!

So, for many reasons, this is a Day of Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Return to Chichicastenango

Katy and I enjoyed Antigua on Tuesday. We walked, shopped and then had dinner at Epicure. It is a nice restaurant in Antigua with great seating outside.

Mary, a friend of mind that lives in Antigua, rode with us to the airport on Wednesday morning. We got Katy to the airport without any problems. Then, Mary and I stopped at a few places to buy some things. The drive back to Antigua was uneventful........yes, always thankful for that.

OK, I mentioned Chiquita.......this is her! When she first started hanging around the house, Jamie and Tomasita did not like her. She ate Nakko's food and was a problem. Jamine put her in his car and drove her away.........but she found her way back to the house. She continues to eat Nakko's food and makes herself at home. Now, she has won the hearts of Jaime, Tomasita and even Nakko. Chiquita is here to stay!!

Nakko even lets her sleep in his usual spot!

Tomorrow, I will do clinic in Mactzul II with Enrique and Tomas. It will be a great day

Monday, February 13, 2012

Santiago Atitlan

OK, this story is a great one...........Katy and I are having breakfast at Rancho Grande. They are known for their pancakes and fresh strawberry jam. Katy and I were at a table near the window and a family was eating at a table across from us.

The pancakes are served on a separate plate and I took the last one of ours. When this family finished their breakfast, they got up and left. Katy, SPOTS an untouched pancake that remained on their serving plate. She whispers, "Have they left? Is anyone behind me?" I tell her to go for it!! She jumps up quickly, snatches the untouched pancake and proceeds to enjoy it!!!

Katy and her snatched pancake!!! What a score!!

We went to the boat launch and find a boat that is going to Santiago Atitlan. It was a great morning to be on the lake!

When we arrived, we walked to the central area. Katy found a friend in the park.

These four men were sitting in the park, chatting up a storm and enjoying the morning. I still want a pair of their pants!

This is the Catholic Church in the park area.

The Mayan Believers are not allowed to pray in the main area. They are only allowed to pray in designated areas inside. Their prayers are so fervent and heart-felt.

We found a young boy to take us to see Maximón. Every year he is in a different house. As we walked through the streets, I asked the young boy a few things. He told me that he believes in Maximón and also God. He said that Maximón heals people and give people food, clothes and health. He said he is also scared of him. He did not have alot to say about God.

Maximón is always dressed in typical clothing, wearing a hat and smoking. The two men on the sides took money and then put it under the statues arms. One man was kneeling in front and reading a book to him.

The flowers are alwasys very pretty.

Then it was time to return to Pana.

Katy introduces Chiquita, her new parrot. She visited a couple of stores for her friend. Last year, she purchased a peacock that lives on her patio. She named her peacock, Nakko, so now Nakko will have a friend.

I will introduce you to the true Chiquita when I return home.

Our drive to Chichi was uneventful and we are always thankful for that.

We stopped near Los Encuentros and bought Tomasita some flowers. We visited her and Jaime during the evening. We then went to Chichi for a late ice cream. It was really good.

Tomorrow, we will go to Antigua in preparation for Katy's flight home.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Panajachel on Sunday

Katy and I went to Santa Cruz for worship this morning. There were a good number of people there and it was a good lesson.

We then returned to the house to pack our bags for the lake. We had reservations at Rancho Grande, which is a really neat bread and breakfast inn. It is in a great location, near the lake and they have a great breakfast of special pancakes.

We checked into the hotel and then took a boat to Santa Catarina. We were told that the ladies in the community would be doing weavings and that is was their market day. I should have researched better because the market day is on Monday. It was a nice place but not a lot to do.

The boat ride to Santa Catarina was fun. Katy and I had the boat to ourselves since there were not many people in Pana. These were two of the homes that we passed on our way. I am often reminded of the vast differences in economic classes, especially here in Guatemala.

This is Santa Catarina as we approached.

We found a small shop that is associated with the school behind it. We both bought something there to help the school a little.

When we returned to Pana, we had dinner at Sunst Cafe. They have a great menu, with lots of options. These were our views from our table.

If the sky is clear, the evening is very pretty from the cafe.

We had perfect weather and view.

This is the center of the restaruant.

Our dinner and view were excellent. The enchiladas are highly recommended.

After dinner, we enjoyed coffee and dessert at Dos Mundos. Their pastries and cakes are very good. We sat near the street so we could watch the action!

Tomorrow, we will go across the lake and visit Santiago Atitlan.