Saturday, December 5, 2015

More parades and activities

Today, when Manuel and I made our way back to Chichicastenango, there was a parade passing for Santa Cruz del Quiche.  It was a long parade but we patiently waited for them to pass.

We had a busy clinic today with about 30 patients.

These were some of the cars that were in the parade..........unusual not to see children strapped to the hood of the car..

I would like to buy this cute!

Tomorrow, I will head to Quiche for worship. After, will visit my friend in Quiche, do laundry and begin my list for the end of the year.

Everyone is working hard to finish the end of the year.

Lisa and Kemmel are in Chichi with their ABC Celebration.

Please stay posted to our blogs for the rest of the year because we we will have some great stories and photos!  Kemmel and Lisa are
Thank you for reading!!

Friday, December 4, 2015

My poor sole!

A couple of weeks ago, I found a pair of shoes that I had not worn for awhile.  I started wearing them because they still were good and it has been a little chilly.

The other day, Manuel and I were in Xepol and I knew there would be some mud.  When we were loading the truck, I heard a FLAP!  FLAP! FLAP!  I did not know what it was.............eventually, my soul, I mean my sole fell off!

We had a good laugh over it!  I thought, only here in Guatemala.  If I had been in the states and this had of happened, I would have died with embarrassment.

Manuel told me that he has a friend who can put the sole back on for me.  He can either glue or stitch it. He even took the shoes for me.  What service!

Well, the shoes came back to me and were in great shape!  It cost less than $3 to put on new soles.

The other day, I had the opportunity to have my shoes shined and here they are!!

My "new" shoes for less than $5!  Now, that is a bargain in any country!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Clinic in Chuguexa

This morning, I met Manuel and Francisca at Chuguexa.  The room was packed with patients and some were waiting on the porch.  We prayed and started clinic with everyone.

We have always had this clinic once a month but it is continuing to grow.  Today, we had 31 patients arrive and we finished seeing 30 of them.  There were several new patients and almost 50 percent of them were diabetics. 

Next year, we will have two clinics a month and I am looking forward to that.  I do not like to feel like I have to rush through consults because I know that people are tiring from the wait. It will also be a better opportunity to offer dental cleanings.  We will see what happens.

This lady was very excited! She recently had surgery in ASELSI, which is a clinic near my house in Chichi.  She is enjoying her new glasses and vision. Thank you Carol, Dr. DeLeon and ASELSI!

I have already started seeing babies for the Feb. 2016 clinic for cleft lip and palates.  I will post photos when they return with their labs in early January.