Friday, December 4, 2015

My poor sole!

A couple of weeks ago, I found a pair of shoes that I had not worn for awhile.  I started wearing them because they still were good and it has been a little chilly.

The other day, Manuel and I were in Xepol and I knew there would be some mud.  When we were loading the truck, I heard a FLAP!  FLAP! FLAP!  I did not know what it was.............eventually, my soul, I mean my sole fell off!

We had a good laugh over it!  I thought, only here in Guatemala.  If I had been in the states and this had of happened, I would have died with embarrassment.

Manuel told me that he has a friend who can put the sole back on for me.  He can either glue or stitch it. He even took the shoes for me.  What service!

Well, the shoes came back to me and were in great shape!  It cost less than $3 to put on new soles.

The other day, I had the opportunity to have my shoes shined and here they are!!

My "new" shoes for less than $5!  Now, that is a bargain in any country!


Gwen Schnell said...

Very nice! What neat looking shoes! How cold does it get over there in the Winter time?

Sheri said...

Hi Gwen. We have the dry season and the rainy season. It is damp and cold. My house is only 60 degrees today. Not sure what the temp is outside.