Saturday, December 5, 2015

More parades and activities

Today, when Manuel and I made our way back to Chichicastenango, there was a parade passing for Santa Cruz del Quiche.  It was a long parade but we patiently waited for them to pass.

We had a busy clinic today with about 30 patients.

These were some of the cars that were in the parade..........unusual not to see children strapped to the hood of the car..

I would like to buy this cute!

Tomorrow, I will head to Quiche for worship. After, will visit my friend in Quiche, do laundry and begin my list for the end of the year.

Everyone is working hard to finish the end of the year.

Lisa and Kemmel are in Chichi with their ABC Celebration.

Please stay posted to our blogs for the rest of the year because we we will have some great stories and photos!  Kemmel and Lisa are
Thank you for reading!!

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