Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Back on the Radar

Well, it is time to return to Guatemala and work in some clinics.

I have been in The States for about seven weeks.,  My parents need surgery so I went to be with them and I loved our time together. Returning was a little more difficult but my parents are doing well and I will see them again in December.

I also attended MedSend in Charlotte and visited Nashville.  It was good to see Julie, Adolfo, Carlos, Sylvia and the children. Julie and I visited with the mission faculty, the nursing faculty and I was invited to speak to a mission class of Steve Sherman.  I saw many people who come down to Guatemala on a regular basis and a few that I have not seen for several years. It was a really good visit and many thanks to those who made it possible.

As I was waiting for my early morning flight to Guatemala, I observed something very interesting.  Usually, I read as I wait for a flight but I was watching how people arrived to the gate and how people selected their seat as we waited to board.  If you have studied different cultures, you may have hear of "hot and cold cultures."

There were about eighteen North Americans, they were all traveling alone and they selected seats far apart. No one sat near another person.  A soon as they sat, they pulled out their cell phones and tablets and were quickly absorbed in whatever they were doing. No one was talking or interacting with another person, only their device.

Four people arrived that were traveling to different parts of Central America.  They arrived one by one and did not know each other.  Within just a few minutes they changed seats to occupy four seats together, exchanged names and where they were traveling to. One lady pulled out a plastic container of pineapple, opened it and shared it with the other three before she removed her portion. They sat for ninety minutes and actually talked to each other, spoke of their families and showed concern for each other.  Not one pulled out a cell phone or tablet.

I do believe in hot and cold cultures and this was a clear example of it.

Manuel picked me up from the airport and we drove to Chichi without any problems. In the morning, we will all do clinic in Lemoa together and I look forward to seeing everyone. Friday, I will prepare to travel to Montellano for a week of surgical clinic.  I am back on the ground and running.........all will be well.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Clinic in Lemoa and Meet Sebastian

We had a great clinic today in Lemoa.  We had some very interesting patients and I hope that we helped them not only physically, but also spiritually.

The morning was started out with our devotional time together.  Manuel talked about patients who are pleased with their results after they visit us and also about how we enjoy what we do.  It is true!  Yes, there are some days that you have to drag yourself out of bed but once we are together and start working, we really enjoy it. 

I had one young lady come today with an ultrasound that shows she was born with only one kidney.  I was able to do a Pap on a lady that I met Saturday in Chuchipaca, Brenda had s young boy with an descended testicle.  We had several diabetic patients and most of them were under control.

Tuesday in Chutzurob, Sebastian told be that he knew of a young baby that has a cleft-lip and palate.  He said that he would travel to Lemoa today with the family.  This baby's name is also Sebastian and he is four months old.  He is very content and growing well.

Because of his age, Sebastian will need to wait until February 2019 to have his surgery.  Here he is with his parents and also his grandparents.

Sebastian, on the left side, brought this family today.  He is such a special person!  He always helps us with clinics, prays with patients and last year brought Victor to us.  Victor is another baby that was born with a cleft-lip and palate and had his lip repaired last year.  He will be going for his palate repair in another week.

Lot of good things are happening. Tomorrow, we will have clinic in Mactuzul I and I hope that we have a busy day.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

ABC Dental in Chutzurob

Today, we had clinic in Chutzurob  We had a good number of medical patients.  Also today, Andrea and Maria saw the ABC Children in this area and evaluated their dental care.

Maria examines one of the children in the ABC Program.

Elias has not been feeling good so his mom brought him to see us.  This is Sebastian's grandson, who is now seven years old.  I remember very well when Elias was born.

This is Elias just a few months old, when his mom brought him to see us for the first time. What a nice young man he is now.

Speaking of nice young people, Rosa is one of my ABC Children. She is the young lady on the right.  Cesar is working with the children teaching them how to properly brush their teeth.

Rosa want to be sure I saw what she was doing.

After clinic Manuel, Teresa and I went to change a tire that went flat.  Yes, it happened again.  This time it was a screw and not a bone.  I am a little nervous since things usually happen in threes.  After we changed it, I took it up to Chichi and had it repaired.

Tomorrow, we are off to Chuguexa............there is a huge parade to celebrate drivers of tuk-tuks so the streets will be shut down for three hours.  We will leave early to avoid  being stopped in the street.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Clinic in Mactzul I

We had a wonderful clinic in Mactzul I.  I picked up Teresa and Maria on the way.  We met Andrea, Manuel, Brenda, Emilio and Jackson there.  Today was Jackson's last clinic with us and everyone is sad about that.

The sky was blue and it was just a beautiful day.

This area is beautiful!

We had a great patient number.  We had several ABC Children come in after lunch.

This was our last photo together (Andrea, me, Maria, Jackson, Emilio, Manuel, Teresa and Brenda)

Tomorrow, we will have clinic in Chuchipaca...............I will go with Manuel, Teresa and Jackson.

On Sunday, Manuel will drive Jackson to the capital and he will return to the states.  We wish him the best of luck in his studies at Yale.  We hope to have him visit us again in the future!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Cleaning in Montellano

Monday and Tuesday, several of us met at Clinica Ezell to clean out two of the large storage areas.  We completed about half of it in two days and have discussed meeting again, maybe in November.

This is one section before we started. The largest portion is of OR supplies that are used during the surgical weeks.

Rita and Cary counting and repackaging supplies.  Marta was never in one place to get a good photo!

Antonia looking at the supplies and inspecting expiration dates.

Also helping are Kathlyn, Maufer and can see them in the background working.  They entered the data and labeled the shelves as we counted and sorted items.

It was not the cleanest that I have been in my life but we made the best of it!

Monday night, we went to a Pizza Hut and I had a fantastic salad!  Thank you Rita and Cary for allowing me to shower first!

This is one section of the storage room after it was cleaned, sorted and labeled.

This is some of the discarded items. Many were items that we never use on this site.

One of the national hospitals was called and they came to see if they could use some of the items. They went through the boxes and filled their ambulance. They were very excited at the quality and are sure that they will be able to use what they took.

There were also some other facilities that Marta was going to call the next day to see if they were interested in what was available.

Thanks to everyone for helping!  Marta was very excited over this project.  She and Antonia worked very hard and will continue to do so as time allows.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Trip to Antigua and Then to Montellano

After we finished the Pap/ IVAA clinic, I made my way to Antigua.  I arrived safely without any problem.  On Saturday morning, when I was walking around and getting things done, the hotel called me. The parking lot had called the hotel to let me know that over night, one of my tires had gone flat.  As soon as I was finished with my errands, I went to the parking lot to see what had happened.

Flat as flat could be.......................not one ounce of air in that tire.  Two guys at the parking lot helped me change it.  First, I had to call Kemmel since I could not get to the jack and things that I needed.  They are stored differently in this model of truck.  Once we got to the jack, we were on our way!

One of the guys offered to go with me to have the flat repaired. It was a little outside of Antigua but not far at all.  The guy there was really nice and this is what he pulled out.  I was expecting a nail or screw.........but it was a bone!  Very interesting!

Antigua was packed with people!  It has been a long times since I have seen it this full. For dinner I went to a Chinese place that I like and had chop suey.  It was very good!

In the morning, I am headed to Montellano to meet Cary, Rita and few others.  We are going to clean and go through two of the storage areas at the clinic. It will be very warm but I am hoping that we can get a lot done.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Pap and IVAA Clinics This Week

Twice this week, we have had Pap/ IVAA Clinics. First, we had clinic in Mactzul IV and one in Chichicastenango. I stole some of Lisa's photos since I have been slack this week with mine.

This is one of our exam rooms. We are able to carry everything out to a community that would like to have this service provided for the ladies.  In Mactzul IV, we had eight ladies and in Chichi, we had around twenty or twenty-four patients.

Promoters always go with us and help us set up and take down the clinic.  This is Maury, Teresa and Emilio.  Emilio is a good guy and takes our teasing very well. He is doing a rotation with us and it comes to an end this week.  We will miss him.

Lisa took this photo of the ladies on the first level, waiting to be seen. No faces are seen to maintain confidentiality!!  Good idea Lisa. We did the exams on the third level we we got  A LOT of exercise that day. 

We had a few patients this week that will need some follow-up treatment.  We pray that they do well and will help others understand the importance of health care and early screening.