Thursday, September 21, 2017

Last Day in Lemoa with Tomasa, Lidia and Alicia

We have had three young ladies intern with us over the last five to six weeks and they have done a great job!

They have worked with us every day, carried boxes as we packed the trucks and prepared for clinics, have taken vital signs, learned how to do some labs and even carried out urine when the patient did not understand what to do :)  Today was their last day with us so they wanted to share some cake with us.

Tomasa is on the left.  She is the daughter of our Manuel.  Lidia is in the middle and she is the daughter of our Enrique.  Alicia is on the right and she lives in Mactzul II.  I found out last night that she is a cousin of one of my sons (in the ABC Program) Esteban.  Of course, we can not forget our medical leader and mentor, Lisa!  She has the patience of an angel with all of us.............including Ana and me.

Tomorrow, we are headed for Panajxit.  I will be with Tomas, Enrique, Aura, Martina and Lidia. Aura always has more patients than I do, I need to find a way to reverse this :)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

September Surgical Week in Montellano

What a week we had in Montellano for the September surgical trip.  The logistics of the trip were a nightmare for Rick.  Hurricane Harvy on one side and Hurricane Irma on the other.  During the week we packed in seventy surgeries and survived an 8.1 earthquake.

On Sunday morning we walked across the street and worshipped with the Montellano Church.  Carlos preached in the morning about the Holy Spirit and how it should dwell in our life. For a close relationship with the spirit, we need to have nearness, familiarity and be open to influence.  It was a very applicable message. When we finished, we we able to be there for Antonio's baptism.

 Antonio dying to self and raising to walk in a new life.

 Patients brought out to the immediate post-surgery area.

 Rita full of energy and some of the nurses.

Rita checks patients in and also helps with the discharges.  One happy patient with the nursing staff.  Lauren, on the far left was the head nurse for the week. She is from NC, is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and has been coming down for several years.

Jeff served as the trip chaplain.  He is also from NC and has been the minister at my parents congregation for many years. He spoke during the week about all things being possible.  We need to replace anxiety with trust, fear with courage, doutbts with confidence and ignorance with understanding.

On Tuesday, Jeff and Haley, who is a nurse, went out with Dr. Walter to a clinic.  Jeff was talking to a lady who previously had surgery at Montellano and now was making arrangements for a family member.  Jeff started asking her about her faith and she told him that she was not a Christian. He introduced her to Baldimar, the evangelist at the coast.  They began to study the Bible for the remainder of the clinic and during that time, said they would like to be baptized on that Friday!  Days do not get any better than this.

During the week, Todd led us in some singing.

One night we celebrated Carlos' birthday.  I feel bad that I chopped Rick's head off as he lit the candles on the cake.

 Carlos and Sylvia.

This little boy, Danny won the hearts of the nurses.  He was a very late case on Sunday night.  As we knelt before him and his mother, we prayed for safe surgery.  Rachel, CNRA promised the mother that she would take good care of Danny, as if he was her son.  It was one of those moments you will never forget.  Here Joanna, spends some time with Danny.

 Christina listening to the little boy before taken back to the OR.

 Rachel carrying in another child.

This trip, I roomed with Lisa and it was good.  She is on the board and has been coming down for many years.............she is full of energy and I enjoyed the talks we had. 

Thursday, about midnight, we experienced a 8.1 earthquake.  The epicenter was in Chiapas, Mexico.  It was strong and rocked us out of bed.  Everyone in the coast was safe and also my friends in Chichicastenango were ok.

This lady was the last patient of the week.

 This is the group photo before we left for Antigua.

When we landed in Antigua, we checked into our rooms and people scattered fast to enjoy the day.  I went with Jeff and Todd to the market and then we went up to La Merced.......that place is fascinating to me.

We enjoyed our dinner at the hotel and then it was time to get some rest.

Thank you to all those that came down to help with the clinic.  Thank you to the Guatemalan staff for their hard work.  Thanks to Rick for helping keep all travel arrangements as organized as possbile with all of the events.

Please remember to pray for the patients, who are still recovering..............and to God be all of the glory!