Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Patzite Clinic

This morning after I got the truck, I picked up Micaela, Enrique and Aura.  We drove to Patzite and Tomas was waiting for us.

There were several patients when we fact, several more than there usually are.  Tomas and Enrique signed everyone in.

Enrique explains to everyone that this is the last clinic of this year in Patzite.

After we prayed with the patients, we began seeing them.  I had seventeen patients and Aura also had seventeen patients.

Please pray for Martina and her two babies.  The children are sick so Micaela worked for Martina today.

Thursday, we will have clinic in Lemoa and I am sure we will have a lot of patients there :)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Babies Arrive for Surgery!

It was good to see everyone this morning at clinic.  We quickly cleaned and completed the morning tasks.  We prayed with the patients and their families and then started clinic.

I was not expecting any babies today but it was good to have them visit.  ASELSI, the clinic near my house had sent them over.  They participate in the milk program and ASELSI has always been supportive of the babies that need surgery.

Bryan came in with his mom and dad.  We saw him earlier this year but he was a little underweight.  Now, he is big and healthy!

Bryan's dad was also with us today.  I explained the process to them and what they can expect to happen.  They will return in a few weeks and we will do all of the lab work that is required.

This guy is Nelson.....................and he is an active child!  He jumped up and down the whole consult on his mother's lap!  He had a little stage fright at first but then he warmed up to the camera.

These are Nelson's parents and they are looking forward to going to Montellano.

I will see all of the children in December and then they will return with their lab work the first week in January.  Then we will all head to Clinica Ezell for a week of surgery.  It seems like a long way off but it is not! I hope to see a few more babies in December.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

It Comes to an End

This morning, we had breakfast and then had our worship time together.  Gary and Allen both shared some thoughts with us and then we had some visitors.

David had met Walter the other day in Las Trampas.  Today, he met some more of that family.

Debra met one of her ABC Children.  This is Melvin.  He enjoys studying math in school.  His mother is with him today.

Melvin gave Debra a bag with a horse on it.  It was a special visit and I will make photos for everyone.

Gary met his ABC child, Gaspar.  Gaspar and Gary getting their handshake perfected.

This is all of Gaspar's family.

This is everyone that came to see their sponsors today. A special thanks to all of the people who sponsor children in the ABC Program.  Without your support, the program would not exist and many children would not have the opportunity that they have now.

Getting ready to take luggage to the car and saw David below in the hotel.

Gary, Diana and Allen waving their final adios.............David being silly :)

What a great time that we have had these last few days!  It is good to see people that I have known for several  years.  They are a great encouragement to Kemmel, Lisa and me.  Health Talents focuses on building relationships with communities, patients and the churches.........and because of the work, we build relationships among ourselves.

A special thanks to each person that came to help.  We held clinics in nine communities and it was a big help to us.  We pray that you have save flights, as you return to The States.  We look forward to your next visit!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Last Day of Clinic

This morning, breakfast was at 0700 and we enjoyed it!

Diana may not have been awake when she dressed this morning.  Someone saw that her name tag was upside down................just a small adjustment was needed.

Our group went to Las Trampas to do an ABC Clinic.

This is David and Manuel, who is translating during the consult.  The young boy is Walter and he is in the ABC Program.  Walter is sponsored by David's mom.  It was nice that David was able to meet Walter.

It was a busy day so I was not able to take many photos.  This is a young man who went to the pharmacy area after being seen in the consult.  The young man to the right, is one of my ABC Children, Esteban.

Today was really cold today.  We would go outside just to stand in the sun for a few minutes.  At lunch, we warmed our hands over the stove.

We returned to the hotel and had dinner at 6pm and then our nightly devotional.

I can not believe it is almost time for the group to leave.  It has been a wonderful three days and I think that tomorrow will be wonderful as well.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Second Day of Jornada

We enjoyed breakfast and then found where we were going.  I went with the group to Mactzul V for an ABC Clinic.  We had a busy day and all went well!

Lydia is checking a pulse and preparing patients on the left.  She is Enrique's daughter and has been a big help to us. On the right, is Diana preparing patient charts before the consults begin.

Lydia continuing to prepare patients.

This is Micaela.  She is Martina's sister, assists dental and wants to be a dentist.  We hope that she will be able to start school before long.

This is Cesar, who works with the ABC Program.  With him is Emilio, who is doing an internship with us for a month.

Martina preparing the dental instruments...........

and finally!

Patients waiting for clinic to start.

One of the brothers started the clinic with a prayer.  This is such an important time of the day  We know that the medicine is a blessing from God, as is the ABC Program a blessing to the community.

Robin and Austin begin to care for an ABC child, as Micaela stands by ready to assist.

 This is Allen and he is a pediatrician.  I first met him and Diana in 2005.

This is Gaspar.  He has been working with Health Talents since it was started in Chichicastenango by Kemmel and Lisa.  He is a great asset to HTI, the local congregations and communities.

A few days ago, I mentioned a lady by the name of Delores.  She wanted someone to visit her and talk to her about the The Bible.  We contacted Gaspar but he was not able to find her.  At the next clinic when Lisa was there, Delores returned and she was feeling better.  Lisa called Gaspar and he was out looking for Delores at that very time!  They talked on the phone and now Gaspar has an idea where her house is.  Please continue to pray for Delores that she will be open to The Bible and the relationship that God would like to have with her.

Tomorrow is day three!!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Beginning of Three Fast Days!

Yesterday afternoon, we had a group arrive to spend four quick days with us.  We have planned three clinics every day, for three days.  Then, the group will enjoy the market in Chichicastenango on Sunday and return to The States on Monday.

So, here we go.......................

We enjoyed breakfast at 0700 on the dot and then met in the parking lot for our orders.
Before we went outside, I looked through the ferns and it was very pretty.

The moon was still out and saying, "Good morning." to us.

Kemmel gave us directions on where we would go since we had clinics in Lemoa, Chichicastenango and Xepol.  Kemmel introduced the Guatemalan staff to everyone and then quizzed us to see if we paid attention........just kiddin'.

Tomasa, Maria and Teresa are ready for the day.  How can you have anything BUT a great day when  you work with people, as happy as they are??  Such a blessing to us........

This group was a little more serious and I can fall into this category too..........Andrea, Mauri, Debra and Enrique.

We arrived at the Church of Christ in Chichi and quickly set up.  Dental set-up downstairs and I opted for upstairs.  We stayed busy so I did not take many photos. 

Debra spent some time with me and we had some interesting patients.  One lady was suffering from  a stress since she had been fired from her job.  Her previous boss continues to call her, causing more stress so we talked about ways to manage this.  I hope and also believe that she will return at the next clinic and I am very interested in hearing how she is doing.

We also had another very interesting lady that does not have a relationship with God and does not attend a church.  We had Enrique join us towards the end of the consult.  When this lady started the consult she sat with her arms crossed and was in a very closed posture.  When we mentioned God, she was ready to leave........then Enrique asked if he could talk to her, so he did for a few minutes.  As we were ready to finish, we were hesitant to pray because of her behavior.  Yet, as we prepared to conclude, she relaxed her posture.  As we stood up.............she ASKED us to pray for her and she dropped to her knees!  We all followed suit and Enrique prayed for her heart to be opened.

Wow.............these are the moments that excite me!  Those are the times when you know that it is The Spirit working. We plant the seed and growth begins.  I hope that this lady returns next clinic and we can see how she is doing.

At the end of the day, Debra and I had too much time on our hands..............sounds like a song!

At dinner, we celebrated Gary and David coming to Guatemala for twenty-five years!!!  They have seen so many things during these twenty-five years and they have worked very hard.  Gary is a man that can do almost anything.  He has served on the board of HTI and  was very active when the clinic moved from Chocola to Montellano.  David is a pediatrician and has cared for hundreds of children. Both of these men also serve Nicaragua, when HTI holds clinics there in January.

So, we had a cake to celebrate their time with Health Talents International.  It is tradition that during a celebration, the person takes a bite of the cake and then SOMEHOW, their face wears the icing!  Lisa helps the men with a gentle push and Kemmel's arm assists from the side!

David is the first to wear the icing......................

and Gary received one more push!  David enjoyed each morsel!

What good friends these men have become through the years.  They can tell stories for hours and there is a strong Christian bond present. We pray that they continue to serve for many years to come!

OK, that was the first day of Marie Agee would say, "Tomorrow is another day, EXACTLY like today, yet very different!"

Monday, November 6, 2017

Please Pray for Delores

Last week, we had clinic in Saquilla.  I was with Teresa, Enrique, Andrea and Maria.  We had a good number of patients and a very exciting clinic.

The sixth patient of the day was Delores. She appeared very sad and very sick............and I soon found out why.  She is 46 years old and has three children.  Her children are very sick and her husband spends a lot of time and money drinking.  She has a lot of struggles in her life.

When we arrived at the time to finish the consult, I noticed the form was blank about what church or faith that Delores has.  So, I asked her if she attended a church or believed in God.  She told me that she did not attend a church but lately had been thinking that this was something that she needed to do.

I talked with her for awhile about different things.  Many times in our life, if things are going well, we do not have time for God.  If we have good health, our family is well, have a good job and sufficient money we may not see a need to pray or to believe in God,  Then, when things begin to fall apart, what is the first thing that people want to do?  They want to pray for their needs and to know that God is answering that prayer.  We all need hope!

After talking, I invited Enrique to join us.  If you have met Enrique, you know that he is really laid back and quiet until he starts to talk about the Bible.  When he starts to share his thoughts or starts to read scripture, he comes to life!  We started talking about the hope that Delores can have if she wants Christ in her life.  We talked about how the Word of God can change a person's life! The scriptures give us hope, unlike anything else!

Delores said that she would like someone to visit her in her home.  She told us that she can read but does not have a Bible.  We arranged for Gaspar to visit her and her family the very next day!  Gaspar will take a Bible to her and then they will have the opportunity to study together.

Before she left, Teresa gave her directions to where the Church of Christ meets in Chijtinimit.

This is the whole purpose of Health show people the love of Christ and to use the scriptues to teach people about eternal life.

Well known verse:   For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).

Please pray that when Gaspar visits this home, that he will find people with open hearts and minds. Each and every person needs the hope of eternal life.