Friday, June 15, 2012

This afternoon, I went to Mactzul VI for a ladies Bible class.   We studied John, chapter 13.    I was a little nervous when there were not many ladies when they started but soon, all of the chairs filled up and they set out some more.  This is the community that last month, many of the ladies went to sleep.  I was concerned how things were going to go today...............but everyone stayed awake!

Ana Maria translated into K'iche' for me.  She is a really nice person and a big help!

As I drove out to class, I listened to one of my favorite songs.......

Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me.
Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me.
Melt me, mold me, fill me, use me,
Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me.
Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on us.
Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on us.
Melt us, mold us, fill us, use us,
Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on us.

I mentioned the other day some of the ideas I have for blogs. I mentioned that many times we get behind something that is really interesting...........well, here are one of those moments.

As I was driving to Mactzul VI, I got behind a van. The van was so full, that they allowed the children to ride on top!

Now, can you see this happening in The States??? 

I know they had a good time up there!!

Tomorrow, the guys and I are off to Chiqua! I know that it will be a good day!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lemoa and Pat's group

Today, we had clinic in Lemoa.  I think there were about 23 medical patients.  We had new students with us today but they were not feeling their best.  When they feel better, I will get some photos.

I saw one lady, who mainly complained of feeling tired and not wanting to eat.  I was a little suspicious that she might be pregnant but I was just slightly suspicious.  Well, she is!!  This baby will be their first!  When I asked her how long they have been married, she grinned and said, "Three months!"

We enjoyed a nice lunch, with your choice of chicken soup or fried chicken.  I went for the chicken soup and we also had hot tamalitos.  Lunch could not have been any better!

After lunch, Lisa, Gaspar, two students and I went to visit Manuela.  Manuela cried more than she had the last few days.  Lisa took the dressing off slowly but I was really disappointed that it her skin did not look better.  I had seen such an improvement but today was depressing.  I thought I had changed the dressing too quickly.  Lisa will go back tomorrow to visit again.

Tonight, we had dinner with Pat H. group from Texas.  We met for dinner at Casa del Rey.  It is always good to see the group.  Marcos, Josefina and their parents joined the group and it was good to see them again. Voces Acapella sang after dinner and that is always wonderful.  This is the group when they had the chance to visit Texas a few months ago.  Josue, our promoter, is the third from the left.
Pat's group is doing clinics this week in different communities.  We wish them safe travels home.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Clinic Chuguexa

Today, Josue, Maury and I went to Chuguexa.  We had 10 patients and 8 of them were diabetics.  The good part of the story is that all of their blood sugars were under 150!  I was so excited.

I saw the lady that two months ago had a very infected leg.  She looks really good.  Tomas, who is another young man that has been very sick, has gained 16 pounds in two months.  These are great stories and I hope that next month, I will be able to share more good stories!

Tomorrow, we will have clinic in should be a big day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day in Lemoa

Today, we had clinic in Lemoa.  We had three ladies come to the clinic in the morning. 

I had time to go and get a table that needed to be painted and the students "volunteered" to do it.  It looks great and I appreciate your help!

In the afternoon, Gabby and Anna went with me to check on Manuela.  Her burn continues to heal, with no sign of infection.  There is no bleeding or drainage.  I covered it with a different dressing and Lisa will check on her in two days.

Everyone met at the clinic in the afternoon.  Tomorrow, the students make the change and will head to the coast for the rest of their stay here in Guatemala.  The students at the coast will come and stay with us for their remainder of the program.  It is a difficult time for the families in Paxot II and Mactzul V as they say their "good-byes" and prepare for new students.  Sometimes it is also difficult for the students.................we have enjoyed their stay with us!  They are a great group!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Day of activity

Early this morning, I went to Quiche to visit Magda and to get my hair cut.  Then I went to visit Manuela and to change her dressings.  She is making awesome progress.  There is no bleeding and very little drainage from the burn.  I am so pleased for her.  She allows her dad to put her up on the table and does not cry at all.

I took Manuela and her family copies of the photos that we took the other day.  They were so excited.  When we were finished, her mom served me a plate of fruit that included mango, papaya and melon.  That was very special to me.

In the afternoon, I made my way to Mactzul II for the Bible Class with the ladies.  There were 20 ladies there and our time together was wonderful.  Again, I want to mention how sad I am with how some things are.  It is not anyone's fault, it is just the way things are.  It is a reminder of how we should not take for granted the opportunity to read and study......especially the Bible. 

We studied John 13, when Christ was with his disciples.  He was fully aware of what would take place shortly but he treated everyone the same.  His actions, when he washed the feet of is disciples, were that of a servant.  He then told them he had a new command for them and he talked about love.  The ladies and I talked about how we can apply those verses to our lives.  It is by our love for each other, that others will know we too are his followers.  I hope that I left them some things to think about and that will also encourage them.

This scarecrow is behind the house of Kemmel and Lisa.  There are so many things in Guatemala that are interesting.  I have thought about starting blogs about scarecrows, out houses, the interesting trucks we get behind on the road that are carrying cargo, interesting t-shirts people wear but have no idea what them mean, interesting signs..............there are just so many things.  Yesterday, we were behind a small truck, and I emphasize "small," but it was FULL of HUGE hogs being taken to the market.  They were standing on each other!  The bumper barely cleared the pavement! I would feel sorry for the poor guy if he had a flat tire!

Tomorrow, we will have clinic in Lemoa for the ladies.  It will be the last day of clinic for this group of students. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Teresa meets Tomas' family

One exciting program of Health Talents International is the ABC Program.  Through the program, people have the opportunity to assure that children here in Guatemala continue to remain active in the church, remain in school and also have dental/ medical care.

Teresa and I use to work in ICU together and she heard about the ABC Program.  She became interested and began to sponsor Everaldo, Tomas and Juan's son.  Teresa has a special interest in Guatemala since she adopted a boy about 5 years ago from here. He is doing great and Teresa told me during lunch what a wonderful personality he has.

On Sunday, we enjoyed lunch together and took a lot of photos.  Tomas, Teresa, Juana and Katie after our lunch together.  Katie has been down a few times and speaks fluent Spanish.  She is now here for a few weeks to study K'iche'.

Teresa and Katie with the whole family.  Everaldo is in the front with the black and red jacket.

It was a fun morning.  It was good to see Teresa and Katie again.  I look forward to their visit again next year.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring a child through the ABC Program, let us know. It is a wonderful opportunity for the child, the family and also the community.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

After the class in Mactzul V, I went out to change dressings again on Manuela. She had a few tears today but nothing like yesterday.  I think the travel and the cleaning at the health department were very traumatic for her.

Manuela is the young girl with the towel around her waist.  The young man is her father.  She definitely is a "daddy's girl!"  The lady behind her is her grandmother.  Her mom does not want any part of the photos and that is fine.  The other two people are cousins.

Here Manuela is with more of her cousins.  I will take these photos to her on Monday.

After we were done, Manuela's mom served me a peach drink.  I sat on a stool and drank it, as 14 sets of eyes watched every move I made!   Yes, I felt as if I was on display........but it's ok.....I can handle it.

ABC Class in Mactzul V and Manuela

This morning, I went out to Mactzul V to do a ABC Class for the families.  With the 73 children and the rest of the family, there was a quite a group.  Anna, translated into K'iche' for me and I really appreciated it. 

This year, some of the MET students are living in Mactzul V.  Here are Aubrey, Kelsy and Easton.

We talked about a lot during the class.  Good diet, personal hygiene, how to prevent some illness and how to take better care of trash.

Then we took photos of each family.  I will make copies and give each family one.

Here, Aubrey with Tomas and his family.

Easton, with his family.

Kelsey, with her family.  Anna, is in the red sweater and she translated today.

It is almost time for the students to change places.  This group will go to the coast and we will have six new students.  The time passes very quickly.  Once you start to get real comfortable, it is time to move on!

After class, I went out to Manuela's house to check on her.  Those photos will follow.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Diabetic Class and Manuela

This morning, in Lemoa, we had a Diabetic Class.  Maury translated into K'iche' and Gabby was also with us. 

We had 7 people attend the class.  Two, were fairly new diabetics.  One lady has been through the classes and she was back again!  The man from yesterday, who's blood sugar was almost 600 last week, was also in class with his wife. 

We finished the class early so we reviewed the material about the diet.  With the two new patients, I wanted to talk about this now instead of waiting until August.

After class, Gabby and I went to visit a young girl in her home.  Her name is Manuela and last week, she had fallen into some boiling water.  I did not know it at the time of the visit but Gabby's mom, who was in Montellano last week for the surgical clinic, visited Manuela yesterday.

Burns are very difficult to deal with.  The parents only had Tylenol to give her for pain and she has been going to the health department every day to have it cleaned.  They had told Kemmel and Lisa about how difficult the ride is for her so wanted to see if we could help.  Lisa had given me some medicine stronger for her to take before the cleaning.

Her parents, Juan and Elaina, told me that this was much easier so I will go back for the next few days. 

Gabby and I grabbed chicken in Chichi to take back to the clinic for their lunch.  I stocked up on a few more supplies for Manuela.  I chatted with Sandra for a while and then returned home to prepare a few more things for tomorrow.............never a boring day :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Clinic in Lemoa with the MET Students

Today, we had clinic in Lemoa with the MET students.  They were a big help, as we had 38 patients.

I started the day with babies who may have surgery in the August plastic clinic in Montellano.

I apologize for the photos.  It was not a good camera day.......

This is Anastacia (pink shirt) and her family.  Her lip was repaired in February  2010.  When she returned to have her palate repaired she had a fever in the operating room so they cancelled her surgery.  Her father had his lip repaired several years ago and now he wants to have his palate repaired.

This is Aubrey with Yony and his mother.  Yony is 6 months old right now.

This is Diego and he is months old. Both of these babies need to gain 3-4 pounds so I am not sure if they will make the August clinic.  We may have to wait until February, when they will be a little bigger. 

This is Kelsey with Hector Fredy. He had his lip done in February 2011.  Unfortunately, he fell on his mouth only one month after his surgery so his scar is larger than usual.  We will see if anything can be done about this.

After the babies, I saw a variety of patients.  One gentleman saw Lisa last week, with a blood sugar of 579.  Today, he was 153!  He and his wife are so excited.  Lisa did a great job of teaching them about the diet!  They told me that they will be in the class tomorrow.

After all of the patients were seen, Lisa helped the students with practicing injections.

Tomorrow, we have a diabetic class and Gabby will be with is during that.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baptisms in Xepoocol

Today, Gaspar shared with me the photos he took when a family was recently baptized from Xepocol.

Baptism is a very special time in a person's life when they make the commitment to live a Christian life.  It is not a decision that someone can make for you but one that you have to make for yourself.

Gaspar's dad and uncle praying together before the baptisms begin.  They understand the powerful moment that this is.  Romans 6:3-4   Don't you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death?  We therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through glory of the Father, we may too live a new life.

One of the boys in the family.

Another family member.

This is the family of six baptisms.  What an exciting day for them.  We will pray that the youngest child, as he grows, will understand the importance of this decision and want to do the same in his life.

Here, the congregation of Xepocol gather after the baptisms.

We know there is rejoicing in heaven, as we also rejoice.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Catch-up News

So much has happened in the last few days that I do not want to forget any of it.

On Saturday, we had clinic in Chiqua, with 17 patients.  Easton and Kyle went with Manuel, Tomas and I. It was a good clinic with a good variety of patients.  We saw a young boy that has a hernia.  If he returns with good labs, he will go with us to Montellano in August for surgery.

I have not been to Chiqua for a couple of months so it was good to get back.  Alicia was there and she prepared a lunch of bean, rice and tortillas.  Roger came and visited with us as he made his way to the highlands.

I went to Antigua on Sunday afternoon.  I wanted to see Mary, a friend of mine, and also get my suitcase to Antigua before I go to visit my parents.  Thanks to Glenn and Neva for letting me stay in their apt. while they are down in Montellano for the surgical clinic.

On Monday, I went to Lisa and Kemmel's house for lunch.  They grilled burgers for the MET Students and Roger.  I was chatting and almost forgot that I needed to pick up Gaspar for an ABC Class!

When I went out and tried to start the truck, the battery was too weak.  We pushed it back and jumped it off with another vehicle........then I was on my way to Clinic Caris.

When I arrived, Gaspar was praying with some patients.  I did not know who he was with but I was so excited when I saw him leave the exam room with Gaspar, from Choacaman!!  Gaspar came over and introduced me to his wife and she was very nice!! We have spent a lot of time in clinics with Gaspar but she has never been with him.  He began to tell me how thankful he is for the last time we spent together talking.  I told him how concerned I have been for him but left out the part of being concerned that he had died. Maybe it is better not to verbalize some things :)

When Gaspar and I were driving to Mactul III, he told me about his conversation with Gaspar and his wife.  Gaspar, apparently went to another clinic and got some insulin after our the last clinic.  It seems that they gave him way too much and his wife said he became unconscious at home and almost died.  Now, Gaspar is to the point of thinking about wanting to become a Christian and to be baptized!

I know that the story is a little complicated with two guys having the same name but this news is so exciting to me!  We have spent a lot of time in the clinics talking to Gaspar about his spiritual life.  He is one of the first patients I met when I started doing clinics here in Guatemala. 

Our Gaspar, also told me today that he has some photos of when a family of nine were recently baptized.  This is a result of this family coming to the clinics and Gaspar following up with them in their home between clinics.  What a wonderful opportunity we have when patients are in need.

We finally made it to Mactzul III and did the ABC Class.  We had 50 people there and they had a lot of good questions.  I will return next Monday for a ladies Bible Study.

Friday, June 1, 2012

MET Students meet diabetic patients in San jorge

This morning, I went to Quiche to meet Tomas, Gaspar, Kelsy and Aubrey. We traveled to San Jorge for the second diabetic class. We had seven students, which is a slight improvement from the last class.

They did very well and and at the end of the class was able to identify proteins and carbohydrates. They could count how many they had eaten in one day and could offer ways to improve if they had eaten too many. During the class, they ate peanuts that had just been roasted over the fire and they were still warm.

Kelsy and Aubrey after the class.

When we finished, we drove back to Quiche and met Kemmel for lunch.  We enjoyed a lunch of soup, wonderful chili, corn-on-the-cob and beef over rice.  It was really good......and what made it even better, it was less than $2.00!!

After we ate, we went to pick up 42 new water filters.  We loaded the trucks and then took them to Kemmel's house.  Aubrey and Kelsy, helping load the trucks.

On the way back home, the rain began to fall.......and it was hard.

Tomorrow, Lisa and a few of the students will do clinic in Lemoa and some of us will do clinic in Chiqua.