Sunday, June 10, 2012

Teresa meets Tomas' family

One exciting program of Health Talents International is the ABC Program.  Through the program, people have the opportunity to assure that children here in Guatemala continue to remain active in the church, remain in school and also have dental/ medical care.

Teresa and I use to work in ICU together and she heard about the ABC Program.  She became interested and began to sponsor Everaldo, Tomas and Juan's son.  Teresa has a special interest in Guatemala since she adopted a boy about 5 years ago from here. He is doing great and Teresa told me during lunch what a wonderful personality he has.

On Sunday, we enjoyed lunch together and took a lot of photos.  Tomas, Teresa, Juana and Katie after our lunch together.  Katie has been down a few times and speaks fluent Spanish.  She is now here for a few weeks to study K'iche'.

Teresa and Katie with the whole family.  Everaldo is in the front with the black and red jacket.

It was a fun morning.  It was good to see Teresa and Katie again.  I look forward to their visit again next year.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring a child through the ABC Program, let us know. It is a wonderful opportunity for the child, the family and also the community.

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