Friday, June 8, 2012

Diabetic Class and Manuela

This morning, in Lemoa, we had a Diabetic Class.  Maury translated into K'iche' and Gabby was also with us. 

We had 7 people attend the class.  Two, were fairly new diabetics.  One lady has been through the classes and she was back again!  The man from yesterday, who's blood sugar was almost 600 last week, was also in class with his wife. 

We finished the class early so we reviewed the material about the diet.  With the two new patients, I wanted to talk about this now instead of waiting until August.

After class, Gabby and I went to visit a young girl in her home.  Her name is Manuela and last week, she had fallen into some boiling water.  I did not know it at the time of the visit but Gabby's mom, who was in Montellano last week for the surgical clinic, visited Manuela yesterday.

Burns are very difficult to deal with.  The parents only had Tylenol to give her for pain and she has been going to the health department every day to have it cleaned.  They had told Kemmel and Lisa about how difficult the ride is for her so wanted to see if we could help.  Lisa had given me some medicine stronger for her to take before the cleaning.

Her parents, Juan and Elaina, told me that this was much easier so I will go back for the next few days. 

Gabby and I grabbed chicken in Chichi to take back to the clinic for their lunch.  I stocked up on a few more supplies for Manuela.  I chatted with Sandra for a while and then returned home to prepare a few more things for tomorrow.............never a boring day :)

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