Saturday, June 9, 2012

After the class in Mactzul V, I went out to change dressings again on Manuela. She had a few tears today but nothing like yesterday.  I think the travel and the cleaning at the health department were very traumatic for her.

Manuela is the young girl with the towel around her waist.  The young man is her father.  She definitely is a "daddy's girl!"  The lady behind her is her grandmother.  Her mom does not want any part of the photos and that is fine.  The other two people are cousins.

Here Manuela is with more of her cousins.  I will take these photos to her on Monday.

After we were done, Manuela's mom served me a peach drink.  I sat on a stool and drank it, as 14 sets of eyes watched every move I made!   Yes, I felt as if I was on display........but it's ok.....I can handle it.

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