Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day in Lemoa

Today, we had clinic in Lemoa.  We had three ladies come to the clinic in the morning. 

I had time to go and get a table that needed to be painted and the students "volunteered" to do it.  It looks great and I appreciate your help!

In the afternoon, Gabby and Anna went with me to check on Manuela.  Her burn continues to heal, with no sign of infection.  There is no bleeding or drainage.  I covered it with a different dressing and Lisa will check on her in two days.

Everyone met at the clinic in the afternoon.  Tomorrow, the students make the change and will head to the coast for the rest of their stay here in Guatemala.  The students at the coast will come and stay with us for their remainder of the program.  It is a difficult time for the families in Paxot II and Mactzul V as they say their "good-byes" and prepare for new students.  Sometimes it is also difficult for the students.................we have enjoyed their stay with us!  They are a great group!

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