Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

We had our Christmas dinner tonight.  It was fun cooking and preparing throught the day........a nibble of that and a bite of that to make sure it was exacly as it should be :)

Dad, Mom, Mike and Mike was running out the door to buy a shot gun! 

Mike, let me know when you get a turkey! I know what to do with all of the parts.......

Monday, December 22, 2014

Lunch with Friends

We had a chance to have lunch with a few friends today.  Usually, there is a not a lot of time but we slide in a quick lunch...........Freda, Sarah, Mom and Carol.

I learned what hot carmel mocha coffee was, thanks to Sarah. And believe me, it is THE BOMB!'  I think that I will have a few more before I return to Guatmala!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dinner at south Fork Church of Christ

It is always good to visit with the South Fork Church of Christ in Winston Salem.  There were 49 people at the dinner, which included members of the church, people that I use to work with and several friends.

This is Mona, Sally and Janice.  Mona's children have spent some time in Guatemala. Sally and I use to work in ICU and Janice and I use to work in CCU together.

This is Glenda, Nancy and Pat. Glenda worked for several years in ICU.  Nancy and Pat are members at South Fork.

This is Anita and Ben.  Anita and I attended Michigan Christian in Rochester, MI, many more years ago than we want to admit.  Mary and Jim were missionareis in Guatemala and now members at South Fork.

This is Rebecca, Anita and Ben's daughter.  She has just finished nursing school and has passed her boards!  Congraulations!

 Teresa, Lisa and one time, we all worked in ICU together :)

Charlie talking with Donna.............and Scot talking with Goyo.

Yes, I needed help with lowering the microphone and Goyo came to my rescue.

It was a good evening.  I appreciate everyone being there and the participation.  I am already looking forward to next year. 

A special thanks to Jo, Anne and everyone who helped prepare the meal.  It was very good!  Thank you!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Time to visit The States

Yes, it is time to visit The States again!
The year has passes quickly.

We finished at the clinic today. We cleaned the pharmacy, prepared more medicine, cleaned out the storage rooms...........and then it was time to begin our vacation.

As we were leaving Lemoa, I received a call from Marleny.  She is the patient who lives near Montellano and has been waiting to start chemotherapy.  She told me that she received her first treatment and that they told her that the cancer has spread. Please continue to pray for her and her family.  I will visit her as soon as I return to Guatemala.

Sally drove me to Antigua and all went well......................ready for a 4 am departure!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Two Days of ABC Celebration!

It was a very busy, fast days of an ABC Celebration but I think everyone enjoyed it!  It draw in the crowds!  On Monday, we had 850 attend and on Tuesday, there were 950.  We started out with an assembly and each congregation had a small skit to preform.  They were very good for for some of the communities it was the very first time they had participated

During the break times, Sarah and Maria sold ice cream.

This little girl did not want to share her ice cream.

Maury, Brenda and Cecy sold Bibles and Song Books.

This young girl had been eating her share of blueberry ice cream!!

There were many activities for all ages!

Some of the children glued on Cheetos, marshmallows and small candies on their sun visors.

But, before long, Aura was feasting away on the sun visors!

Lisa and Kemmel were honored by being dressed in the traje of one of the communities!  What a fun couple that we work with.........a true blessing to the ministry!

It was a great two days and it was obvious that people enjoyed our time together.

A special thanks to everyone who helps support the ABC Program.  We pray that the program will continue and more children will have the opportunity to study while spiritually ministering to their community,

Saturday, November 29, 2014

IVAA/ Pap Class in Chuchipaca

This morning, I headed to Chuchipaca for class.  Cecy had a few things to do so we needed to find someone to translate for the.  Manuel's daughter, Francisca, helped me with the class.

We had close to 50 ladies in the class.  A few of them were there for a consult with Lisa but spent some time with us, as well.

Francisca did a great job!. Before we were finished, we had 34 ladies signed up.  We will look at having this clinic early in 2015.

Thank you, Francisca!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Two Days of Classes

Cecy and I went to Mactzul I for class yesterday.  The topic was IVAA/ Pap and it was a great class.  There was a lot of participation and before we left, we had 8 people signed up.  We will look at returning early in 2015 for a clinic here.

Today, Cecy and I had class in Mactzul VI.  There were about 30 ladies in class and we are invited back in January. That seems like a long way away but I know it will pass quickly!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

IVAA and Pap in Chichicastenango

In May of this year, I had a class in Chichicastenango on the importance of Pap exams.  I also told them that in the future, we would be doing IVAA clinics.................and today was the day!

Lisa picked me up this morning and we met Cecy and Maury in Chichi.  Gaspar and Manuel met us and helped us unload the truck.  We carried all of our equipment upstairs and then we were ready to begin.

Maury kept us prepared as she cleaned all of the equipment.  Notice the chair that she stands on to reach the buckets!   :) 

We had 14 patients today. Cecy was able to spend time with Heidy when her mother was with us.  Heidy is 5 months old and growing fast!

This is Juana and Heidy........they are listening to Lisa.  Heidy is absorbing every word that Lisa said.

When we were finished with the patients, we enjoyed lunch together.  Maury's mom prepared chow mein for us and it was good.

One patient will follow-up with Lisa in Lemoa and we have faith that all will be well.

Days like today, reinforce why I am here in Guatemala.  I am thankful for the opportunity to do many different things.  Lisa has always been kind, patient and willing to teach me. She has a very calm manner with patients and they appreciate her very we all do!

Monday, November 24, 2014

More babies for Surgery!

We had several babies from Solola arrive today to see of they would be able to have surgery. 

The first baby is Angelica and has had her lip and palate repaired. This is her and her mom in February 2013 before her first surgery.

This is Angelica today.  She still has a little hole in her palate but we will have to wait a little longer before it can be repaired.  She is doing well and looks fantastic!!

This is Kenia and her mom.  She had her lip repaited in February but for some reason, it did not do well a week after she got home.  We will be doing her surgery again and wait another year for the palate repair.

This is Ebner.  He had his lip repaired and is doing great.  We will see about having his palate repaired in February.

This is Estafany Paula.  She is a little too young but isn't she a cutie?? We will have to wait until August to do her surgery.

All of the babies will return on Janueary 5th with their labs and we will see how they are going.  We wish them the best!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Ladies Class in Quiche

Cecy and I made our way for Quiche early this afternoon.  As Kemmel had mentioned, we were in several diferent areas today.  Lisa, Sandra and those helping them were in Pocoil.  Gaspar was in a new community, seeing if it might be a future site for a clinic.  There was a clinic with Sara in Panajxit and also an ABC meeting with Kemmel in Lemoa. As I told Kemmel, "This is growth! :)"

Cecy and I arrived while the ladies were singing.

This is the Church of Christ is Quiche in Zone 2.  This is a the first time that I have been here, but I knew several of the ladies from different communities.

The ladies then prepared for lunch.  Lunch was wondeful with beef soup, tamalitos and a fruit drink.

These were some of the heros of the day.  Andrea with her dad on her right and her brother. Look at the size of soup spoon.............for serving massive groups!  This is one thing that the Guaemalans are very good at!

After lunch, Cecy translated for me. I was very pleased with the turn out. 

This is Andrea, Cecy and I after the class.  It was a wonderful day.

I had thought that Sara would come to class after they finished their clinic in Panajxit.......but they arrived much later since they had a great clinic there.  I was disappointed they were not there but I was pleased they had a good clinic.

Mario and Sara did stop by but it was after almost everyone had left..........So Mario and Sara with the Andrea's family.

We have been invited to do the class in some other communities.  Of the ladies here today, only 5 had ever had a pap exam.  Hopefully, with education and more classes, we will see this number increase.

Thank you Andrea and Church of Christ in Zona 2, Quiche.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Many thanks to the HTI Board and Rick!

Tonight,we all had dinner with Rick. He wanted to thank everyone and their wife or husband for work and the support that they give to Health Talents.  Many days we return home late and we frequently need to change our schedules but everyone functions well and we are thankful to have the team that we have.

The HTI board gave us all a Spanish hymnal in a leather cover.  I especially was excited to receive this.  My other song books do not look their best.  Cecy, Andea and I plan on using our tomorrow in the Quiche ladies day.  A special thank you to the board for the song book, book cover and 2015 calender.

I was hoping to lift some photos but have not seen any posted yet.  I will post some as soon as I see some.

Tomorrow, Cecy and I will be in Quiche for a class on Pap and IVAA.  We are looking forward to it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I do not have any photos to share from today but Cecy and I had a great morning in Patzite.  We have been secheduling several classes in our comminities to encourage interest in woman's health.  We had 12 ladies in class today so I think there will be enough interest to return to do a Pap and IVAA clinic.

As always, Cecy is a big help!

We were in Chutzurob a few weeks ago an their list has grown to 14 ladies.

On Friday, we have been invited to attend a ladies day in Quiche.  I was told there will be about 100 ladies there...............we will see what happens.  I believe that good things are in store for us in 2015!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

More for Your Money!!


HOW  FAR  CAN  YOU  S - T- R -E -T- C- H  IT ???

During the month of December, there will be a $5,000 match made for new donations to the

Sherman Scholarship Program!

This does not include existing pledges.  Please send your donations, specifying the

Sherman Scholarship Program!

 Health Talents International
 P.O. Box 8303
Searcy, AR 72145

This is Marisol and she just graduated with the help of the Sherman Scholarship Program!

Please help others acheive their dream and continue to study!
 Thank you!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Long Day but a Wonderful Day in Chutzurob!

We had to make some quick changes this morning in the line-ups.  Manuel has been sick for a few days and just needed to stay back.  Lisa saw him and  treated him for pneumonia.  I drove him up to Chichi and really emphasized fluids and rest.  Manuel may not be too big on the rest part. So, we hope that he feels better in a few days.

Sandra, Maury, Maria and I made our way to Chutzurob.  When we arrived, the building was packed!! It was a great view!  We quickly set up and I helped Maury check patients in and find previous charts.

Due to the amount of patients, one of the brothers said he would pray after each consult so we could move along a little quicker.  I enjoy doing this but I also want to be sure to see everyone.

We finished with 28 medical patients, 8-9 dental patients and 7 dental cleanings.  We did have a few patients that did not want to wait so we worked out something for them on their visit in January, since this is the last clinic of this year.

I had one young boy who fell 2 months ago but has not been able to bend his elbow. He went to get and xray and was told that he needed surgery but it was never followed-up.  So, we were lucky!  There is going to be an orthopedic surgeon at ASELSI in January and he now has an appointment to see him.  I know that seems a long way away, but sometimes it is the best that you can do.

There were a few young ladies that had issues with menstrual cramps.  It must be remembered that many people do not have access to classes or help understanding some body functions.  So, I was trying to help this one young girl understand her situation.  I was explaining that the uterus is a muscle and what happens each month.  Well, when we were done, the guy translating into K'iche' turns to me and says, "It works just like a lemon!!"  I just took a deep breath and said, "You are so correct, brother!  It is just like a lemon!"

Sandra had a problem with an extraction so we brought her patient back to Chichi with us.  She has a friend, who is a very good dentist and she thought he would be able to help.

Tomorrow, I will head on to La Palma with Enrique.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Consults for the babies begin!!

It is time for the babies again!!  We are still a few months away before surgery but by the time you plan the first consult, returning with lab work and reschduling a spot in Monteollano, it is time to get busy!!

This is Jose.  He had his lip repaired in February 2013.........Now it is time for his palate repair.

 This is Jose's mom, Marta.  Kory sponsored the surgery for Jose's lip and will also sponsor this surgery.

 This is Eleazor Gerardo Cumen Muj.  He is 8 months old and very sweet.  His mom, Kelian, thought he only had a cleft lip but he also has a cleft palate.  She was very upset but Hector and I talked to her and she felt better. It is very common for a baby to have both situations and we can take care of both of those in Montellano.

As we were talking, Eleazor woke up and wanted to join the party!  He held his arms out and came to me for a visit. I think the staff in Montellano will enjoy their time with him and his mom.

This is Randy Edilson Tzunec and he is 10 months old.  His mom is Margarita and she is looking forward to Randy having his lip repaired.

Today, I also saw a young lady with a hernia and another woman with an uterian mass.  They will return with lab work and more xrays so we will see how we can help them.

In two weeks, another group of babies will come for consult.  I hope to keep Dwayne and Phillip very, very busy in February!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Meet Antonio!!

This morning, Lisa, Kemmel, Julie, Mike and Manuel headed to Guatemala City.

Mike and Julie will return to The States today.  We will miss them and appreciate very much the work that they did while they were here.  They were able to visit many friends from years ago and that was exciting for them.  Julie gifted many, many people with photos and accompanied Mike to all of the clinics.

This is one of the clinics that they know...........Chuchipaca.  This is Antonio, who is a severe diabetic.  He is not able to walk without assistance due to having a dense cataract in each eye.  His blood sugars have been very controlled for about 2.5 months, so he is scheduled for surgery on the 16th of November.  Please pray for him and those who will provide surgery.  This is his wife and she is also looking forward to the improvment of his sight.

I look forward to the day that Antonio can see this photo!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tomasita and flowers

This morning, I took Tomasita to see Sara at the clinic.

When we arrived baack to the house, we walked around and looked at her flowers.

She takes very good care of the flowers and knows them all by name.  I just know them as, "Pretty."

Then she wanted us to have brunch, we had scrambled eggs, black beans, 2 tortillas, cheese and coffee.  As usual, it was wonderful!

As I said, I do not know the names but I know it takes her a lot of time to keep the flowers healthy.

 Kemmel and Lisa arrived in Chichi!!!  It is good to have them back :)  It has been quite a while since I have seen them...................welcome home!!