Wednesday, November 26, 2014

IVAA and Pap in Chichicastenango

In May of this year, I had a class in Chichicastenango on the importance of Pap exams.  I also told them that in the future, we would be doing IVAA clinics.................and today was the day!

Lisa picked me up this morning and we met Cecy and Maury in Chichi.  Gaspar and Manuel met us and helped us unload the truck.  We carried all of our equipment upstairs and then we were ready to begin.

Maury kept us prepared as she cleaned all of the equipment.  Notice the chair that she stands on to reach the buckets!   :) 

We had 14 patients today. Cecy was able to spend time with Heidy when her mother was with us.  Heidy is 5 months old and growing fast!

This is Juana and Heidy........they are listening to Lisa.  Heidy is absorbing every word that Lisa said.

When we were finished with the patients, we enjoyed lunch together.  Maury's mom prepared chow mein for us and it was good.

One patient will follow-up with Lisa in Lemoa and we have faith that all will be well.

Days like today, reinforce why I am here in Guatemala.  I am thankful for the opportunity to do many different things.  Lisa has always been kind, patient and willing to teach me. She has a very calm manner with patients and they appreciate her very we all do!

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