Saturday, November 8, 2014

Meet Antonio!!

This morning, Lisa, Kemmel, Julie, Mike and Manuel headed to Guatemala City.

Mike and Julie will return to The States today.  We will miss them and appreciate very much the work that they did while they were here.  They were able to visit many friends from years ago and that was exciting for them.  Julie gifted many, many people with photos and accompanied Mike to all of the clinics.

This is one of the clinics that they know...........Chuchipaca.  This is Antonio, who is a severe diabetic.  He is not able to walk without assistance due to having a dense cataract in each eye.  His blood sugars have been very controlled for about 2.5 months, so he is scheduled for surgery on the 16th of November.  Please pray for him and those who will provide surgery.  This is his wife and she is also looking forward to the improvment of his sight.

I look forward to the day that Antonio can see this photo!

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