Monday, November 10, 2014

Consults for the babies begin!!

It is time for the babies again!!  We are still a few months away before surgery but by the time you plan the first consult, returning with lab work and reschduling a spot in Monteollano, it is time to get busy!!

This is Jose.  He had his lip repaired in February 2013.........Now it is time for his palate repair.

 This is Jose's mom, Marta.  Kory sponsored the surgery for Jose's lip and will also sponsor this surgery.

 This is Eleazor Gerardo Cumen Muj.  He is 8 months old and very sweet.  His mom, Kelian, thought he only had a cleft lip but he also has a cleft palate.  She was very upset but Hector and I talked to her and she felt better. It is very common for a baby to have both situations and we can take care of both of those in Montellano.

As we were talking, Eleazor woke up and wanted to join the party!  He held his arms out and came to me for a visit. I think the staff in Montellano will enjoy their time with him and his mom.

This is Randy Edilson Tzunec and he is 10 months old.  His mom is Margarita and she is looking forward to Randy having his lip repaired.

Today, I also saw a young lady with a hernia and another woman with an uterian mass.  They will return with lab work and more xrays so we will see how we can help them.

In two weeks, another group of babies will come for consult.  I hope to keep Dwayne and Phillip very, very busy in February!!

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