Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day of the Dead in Chichicastenango

Today is a very celebrated day, with many traditions.  The cemetery is cleaned, painted and everyone flocks to celebrate.  Food, drinks, small burnings are offered in remembrance of those who have died.  The streets are packed with vendors of flowers, food and kites.

People make their purchases as they walk to the cemetery.

The cemetery is very colorful and a lot of preparation goes into this day.

 Some areas are very simple...........

 while others are very elaborate.

I walked down to the Mayan Sacrificial area.  There was some activity there but more in the cemetery.

Walking back into town, there were three areas set up for people to toss coins in the pools.

If your coin landed in a bowl, you would win a package of beverages.


Mom said...

Sheri, How many DDP did you win? :)

Sheri said...

Mom, there is no DDP for sale in Chichicastenango. But, I do have a few left that people brought me in Montellano! :)