Monday, November 3, 2014

Sandra's Graduation

Today, I met Sandra and her family in Chichi at 0745 and we made our way to Quiche for her graduation.  It was a FULL truck but we had a good time!

This is Sandra before the graduation started.

 There were 313 students in her class. The ceremony lasted 3.5 hours.  We started with a prayer and then continued with a speaker.  Each student's name was announced as they walked down a ramp.  Then we had another speaker, who announced each student as they walked down the ramp with a candle.

 This is Sandra and her PROUD father!

This was our group.  Sandra's mom and brother were killed in accidents a few years ago.  Three of her sisters were able to attend the graduation.

The new graduate!!

When we returned to Chichi, we ate fried chicken in town.  It was very good!

Sandra told me that she wants to continue to study.  She is thinking about working a year and then will check into different programs.  Her grades are excellent, so we will see what happens!

A special thanks to Mike and Julie for coving the clinic so I could attend the graduation.  I really appreciated it or I would not have been able to go.  Thank you!!

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