Monday, November 24, 2014

More babies for Surgery!

We had several babies from Solola arrive today to see of they would be able to have surgery. 

The first baby is Angelica and has had her lip and palate repaired. This is her and her mom in February 2013 before her first surgery.

This is Angelica today.  She still has a little hole in her palate but we will have to wait a little longer before it can be repaired.  She is doing well and looks fantastic!!

This is Kenia and her mom.  She had her lip repaited in February but for some reason, it did not do well a week after she got home.  We will be doing her surgery again and wait another year for the palate repair.

This is Ebner.  He had his lip repaired and is doing great.  We will see about having his palate repaired in February.

This is Estafany Paula.  She is a little too young but isn't she a cutie?? We will have to wait until August to do her surgery.

All of the babies will return on Janueary 5th with their labs and we will see how they are going.  We wish them the best!!


MOm said...

Sheri, Please bring Estafany home for Christmas!!!

Sheri said...

Mom, I think that Estafany's parents would miss her too much. Sorry :(