Friday, November 21, 2014

Ladies Class in Quiche

Cecy and I made our way for Quiche early this afternoon.  As Kemmel had mentioned, we were in several diferent areas today.  Lisa, Sandra and those helping them were in Pocoil.  Gaspar was in a new community, seeing if it might be a future site for a clinic.  There was a clinic with Sara in Panajxit and also an ABC meeting with Kemmel in Lemoa. As I told Kemmel, "This is growth! :)"

Cecy and I arrived while the ladies were singing.

This is the Church of Christ is Quiche in Zone 2.  This is a the first time that I have been here, but I knew several of the ladies from different communities.

The ladies then prepared for lunch.  Lunch was wondeful with beef soup, tamalitos and a fruit drink.

These were some of the heros of the day.  Andrea with her dad on her right and her brother. Look at the size of soup spoon.............for serving massive groups!  This is one thing that the Guaemalans are very good at!

After lunch, Cecy translated for me. I was very pleased with the turn out. 

This is Andrea, Cecy and I after the class.  It was a wonderful day.

I had thought that Sara would come to class after they finished their clinic in Panajxit.......but they arrived much later since they had a great clinic there.  I was disappointed they were not there but I was pleased they had a good clinic.

Mario and Sara did stop by but it was after almost everyone had left..........So Mario and Sara with the Andrea's family.

We have been invited to do the class in some other communities.  Of the ladies here today, only 5 had ever had a pap exam.  Hopefully, with education and more classes, we will see this number increase.

Thank you Andrea and Church of Christ in Zona 2, Quiche.


Mom said...

Sounds great,Sheri!!! Love the pic.!!!!

edwin kino said...

that cute photos blessings!