Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Long Day but a Wonderful Day in Chutzurob!

We had to make some quick changes this morning in the line-ups.  Manuel has been sick for a few days and just needed to stay back.  Lisa saw him and  treated him for pneumonia.  I drove him up to Chichi and really emphasized fluids and rest.  Manuel may not be too big on the rest part. So, we hope that he feels better in a few days.

Sandra, Maury, Maria and I made our way to Chutzurob.  When we arrived, the building was packed!! It was a great view!  We quickly set up and I helped Maury check patients in and find previous charts.

Due to the amount of patients, one of the brothers said he would pray after each consult so we could move along a little quicker.  I enjoy doing this but I also want to be sure to see everyone.

We finished with 28 medical patients, 8-9 dental patients and 7 dental cleanings.  We did have a few patients that did not want to wait so we worked out something for them on their visit in January, since this is the last clinic of this year.

I had one young boy who fell 2 months ago but has not been able to bend his elbow. He went to get and xray and was told that he needed surgery but it was never followed-up.  So, we were lucky!  There is going to be an orthopedic surgeon at ASELSI in January and he now has an appointment to see him.  I know that seems a long way away, but sometimes it is the best that you can do.

There were a few young ladies that had issues with menstrual cramps.  It must be remembered that many people do not have access to classes or help understanding some body functions.  So, I was trying to help this one young girl understand her situation.  I was explaining that the uterus is a muscle and what happens each month.  Well, when we were done, the guy translating into K'iche' turns to me and says, "It works just like a lemon!!"  I just took a deep breath and said, "You are so correct, brother!  It is just like a lemon!"

Sandra had a problem with an extraction so we brought her patient back to Chichi with us.  She has a friend, who is a very good dentist and she thought he would be able to help.

Tomorrow, I will head on to La Palma with Enrique.


Mom said...

Lemons,,,,too funny!!!!!

Sheri said...
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Sheri said...

Mom, you would have loved it!