Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Sandra!

Today, we celebrated Sandra's birthday in Mactzul V.  It was fun to catch her off-guard. Julie and Cesar carried the cake in and we started singing!

This is Cesar, Sandra, Maria and two of the guys from the congregation that helped with the clinic today.

 Before diving into the cake......This is Mike and Julie who are working with us for a few weeks. 

When Mike asked Sandra how old she was, she and Cesar busted out laughing.  She finally confessed about 10 minutes later :)

For those who have tried Guatemalan bakery cake........well, there is no need to remind you of what it is like.  But, this was the best bakery cake I have had so far.  We polished it off and then enjoyed looking at each other's blue teeth.  The problem was that Cecy and I were headed to Mactzul VI to do a class.......we needed special dental care :)

A group photo before we left.
Maria, Sandra, Cesar, Cecy, me Julie and Mike.

When Cecy and I arrived to class, it started raining.........and it rained.......and it rained.  We had a very dificult time doing the class due to the noise from the tin roof.  Yes, we had a microphone but it was not sufficient.  From time-to-time, we would just look at each other and have this helpless smile.  Now we will see how many ladies are interested in having a pap/ivaa clinic in this community. 

We were invited back next month and that is always a good sign!

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