Monday, October 6, 2014

Visit with Jane and Mickey

 I found out late last night that the new mother in Chuchipaca did take her baby to the hospital in Solola.  They directly sent her to the hospital in Guatemala City. I hope they will be able to help this baby.

Jane and Mickey arrived in Chichi yesterday afternoon.  Jane comes down every year and brings more baskets for the babies who have cleft-lips and palates. Her organization is called Evelyn's Basket of Love and Life and they do a lot of work here in Guatemala. 

This morning we had breakfast and then went out to Lemoa.  I found out that the mother from Pocojil did take her young son to the eye univeristy in Solola but she did not get a consult that day.  She does have an appointment to go back.  More on that situation is on the Sept. 26th blog.

We then went to ASELSI, another clinic that Jane helps.  She had not seen ASELSI since it was finished and this is Mickey's first time here.

Jane and Mickey will continue on to Xela this afternoon. I hope to see them again in December.  May you have safe travels!!

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