Saturday, October 25, 2014

Clinic in Chuchipaca

Today, Mike, Julie and I headed to Chuchipaca for clinic.  We met Cecy there and we already had a few patients waiting.

It felt like an eye clinic and that is good.  We were able to help several ladies with reading glasses, which will also help them with their sewing and embroidery work.  This was one of our content patients.  We did not have a mirror so when I took the photo, they could see if they liked the glasses or not.  Of course, we took the little white tag off before they left :)

I was also pleased with one of our diabetic patients, Antonio.  He is a severe diabetic and one of the rare ones, that uses insulin.  He has very dense cataracts and has been wanting to have surgery.  For the last several clinics, he has been controlled so we now have him scheduled for surgery in November.  I look forward to the day that his vision is much better.

It was a great clinic with about 17 patients.  Cecy is always fun to work with and keeps me on my toes.

Now, it is time to relax for a little during the weekend.  A few weeks ago, Kemmel downloaded a few seasons of Blue Blood.  I am watching the first season and have really enjoyed it.  Thank you, Kemmel!


Julie Stanley said...

I love Blue Bloods!

Sheri said...

Julie, I love it too. Lisa and Kemmel introduced me to it. I am in the second season now :)