Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day in Montellano

This morning, left early to make it in time for worship in Montellano.  I wanted to see a group that is there and visit with Marlene and her family.  I called her last week and invited her to come and visit with us.

When I left my house, this was the Coke that I had opened.  I did not know until last week why there were names on the Coke bottles.  When we had a group of people down, they told me what it was about.  So, according to them, I need to share this bottle with a friend.

Usually during this week at the coast, our friends from Sacramento, CA visit. Today, is Cynthia's birthday so they sang and brought cookies for her.  This is Cynthia, her mom, Olga and I in the dining hall at Clinica Ezell. 

Cynthia and Harriette will spend a couple of nights in Montellano and then make their way to Chichicastenango.  They always interview students for different scholorships programs and it is a very busy week for them. When they finish, they will travel to Antigua to meet up with the rest of the group before their flight home.

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Karen Sims said...

Great picture of y'all!!