Thursday, October 30, 2014

ABC Clinic in Chichicastenango

Yesterday, Manuel was out making the purchases for the ABC Children.  This morning, the supplies arrived in Lemoa for distribution into the ABC communities.

The coordinators of the ABC program work very hard to make sure that things are done correctly.  This is Manuel who made all of the purchases.  Cesar called all of the coordinators to let them know what they needed to do.

 While others were making the distributions, I went to Chichicastenango to do a clinic with Enrique, Sandra and Brenda.  ALL of the children presented very well and ALL of the children were above their expected weight. Hands were clean, nails were trimmed, hair was combed and everyone was shiny.  Sandra was pleased from the dental aspect.

While we were downstairs, the distribution was going on upstairs.  Families were receiving beans, milk, rice, dental products..........things that can really make a difference in health.

 For those of you who have met Maury, this is her mother on the right.  She is very active in the congregation with children's classes and ladies classes.

 And the work continues.

 OK, here is Emanuel.  He is waving to Jim and Barbara from Texas.  They sponsor Emanuel and for this reason, he is able to study in school and have the opportunity to do many things!

Thank you, Jim and Barbara!


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Dad. Tell Manuel and Gaspar hi. I really enjoy reading your blog. The work you and your team do there is great. Keep it up. Love Dad

Sheri said...

Dad, thank you for your message. We enjoy the work! Do you have on your Jeff Boyd shirt tonight???