Thursday, October 9, 2014

Interviews continue

Over the last two days, we have talked to 16 students about their future.  Some have very interesting stories.

This Alicia and she lives in Mactzul.  She is attending high school and if I remember correctly, she will be the first young lady in her community to graduate from high school!!  What an accomplishement and honor for her and her family!  This Alicia with Cynthia, Harriette and Alex.

I know..........I should not brag on my children but I can not help it.  This is Sandra and she getting ready to graduate and start teaching.

This is Cecy and she is one of our promoters.  She is in the process of finishing her entrance exams and will study nursing.  I know she would appreciate your prayers as these exams are a struggle!

This is another one of my students. His name is Esteban and he is pretty much a straight A student.  You go, Esteban!  I think he also wants to study nursing.

We saw either 14 or 16 students over the two days.  I wish I had takena photo of Josue.  Maybe I can get Cynthia to forward her photo to me.  Josue was with us for about a year and then went to Guatemala City to study medicine.

Tomorrow morning Harriette, Cynthia and Alex will travel to Antigua.  It has been an enjoyable time working with them and sitting in on the interviews.  All of these students have great potential and we pray that they will use their talent for the Glory of God.

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