Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Taking off in Four Directions

Today, we had activities in four different areas.  Mike and Julie went with Manuel to Xepocol.  Sarah and Andrea went to Saquilla.  I went to Chijtinit with Sandra and our group.  Gaspar had a class in San Jorge.

We saw all of the ABC children in Chijtinit plus one lady that we were happy to help.

When we finished with the clinics, I met up with Gaspar at my house.  He was so excited that his class went well.  There were two brothers in that congregation who had left the church.  Today, they returned, asked for forgiveness and were reconciled.  When Gaspar was telling me the the story, he got so excited!!  He said, "Sheri, this is my work!  This is what I want to do!"

The following photo is of Gaspar when he was studying the Bible with Manuel.  He had been a patient in our clinic for quite a long time. Manuel was baptized and then later died.  We were so thankful that he had been granted enough time on this earth to realize that he needed the blood of Christ for his salvation.

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